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  At its most basic level, growing involves humans helping along Mother Nature's process by providing everything our preferred crops needs to flourish. As hydroponic science has evolved, we’ve learned to supply plants with a full spectrum of nutrients—and not just mineral nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and iron. Savvy…
  Full-bodied and heady, with a grapefruit and pepper tenor. Lately, conversations about beer have been sounding suspiciously like winespeak. Connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike are talking about terroir, aroma, and notes for their beers.
The 2013 Awards have arrived! Now is the time for Rosebud Magazinereaders to let your voices be heard. The all new Buddy Awards dig deeper into theworld of hydroponic growing than ever before, honoring not only the tools of ourtrade, but the techniques that make every grower’s experience exciting.Speak out!…
  Eating for energy takes thought and preparation. What we consume and when we consume it dictates our energy stores and needs – both short and long term. And when it comes to fitness lifestyles, eating the proper energy foods in a calculated manner means the difference between sluggishness in…
  There is no doubt that first dates can be nerve-racking. Lucky for you, celebrity stylist Amanda Sanders has got you covered. Literally. She's dressed hundreds of men, including dear friends and long-term clients like Chris Rock. Her expertise is men's style. 
Let the Vapor Roll Every now and again we discover a hot company that offers something new to Rosebud readers. In this spotlight we take a look at VaporPenz, a cool Northern California company dedicated to offering the highest quality Personal Vaporizers and Electronic Cigarettes available. Dedicated to Quality From…
  This article is not about what you think. It’s not yet another 50 ways of melting the pounds away. So can we just keep our pieholes closed until we get this calorie-free advice that will actually help us lose weight?
  Consider for a moment your health as a glass of water. Imagine two glasses filled to the brim with water left to sit out. Now imagine one of those glasses has a constant drip of fresh water falling into it, drop by drop. Naturally, the volume of water in…
  We are always on the lookout for new green products and eco-friendly innovations, especially when they merge with cutting-edge technology. After all, isn’t that what hydroponic growing is all about?
  One book I never got tired of reading and re-reading as a child was EgriCsillagok (Stars of Eger) by GézaGárdonyi. This historical novel starts off with two kids, a boy and a girl, bathing together buck-naked in a Hungarian stream. The epic tale follows their lives as they are…

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