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Hey Gabriella:What are some of the weirdest, kinkiest, sickest things you’ve ever been asked to do or have had done to you sexually, did you like them, and why? --Jenna, from Manhattan, New York Hey Jenna: You trying to get me in trouble, girl? I’m going be as bold as…
Ok, guys, summer’s here, the beaches, parks, dance floors, and pools are packed with lusty ladies, and it’s time to trade your six-pack flabs for six-pack abs. Want an easy way to get in shape? Well hey, a few months ago I figured out a way to combine environmentalism, community…
Dear Gabriella: Thanks for all the great information and I am really hoping you can help me with this question, it’s something a lot of my friends wonder, why do women fake orgasms? Is it that hard for women to get off and what if anything can I do to…
In the realm of cookware, it seems as though there’s some new Rube Goldberg gadget on the market every time Paula Deen thinks about butter. Many are ridiculous (pizza scissors?), but some can make your time spent cooking almost as pleasurable as your time spent eating.
Dear Sex Tips: I’m a 27-year-old man concerned about the size of my [penis]. I know it sounds immature, but some women I’ve been with tell me bigger is better. What do women really think about size? Is there anything I can do to make mine bigger?”---Worried, in Boulder, Colorado
We love Julia Child and Betty Crocker as much as the next chef, but when it comes to capturing how men cook and eat, their works tend to be missing a certain something. If you’re looking for a man’s guide to the food world, from the swashbuckling lifestyles of hardcore…
Hungry for the taste of a woman, hungry for a taste of “the cat,” the special cat that each woman has…the “between the legs cat.” Why am I using the word “cat?” The editor of this magazine doesn’t allow me to use the actual, most-popular sexual “cat word” when I…
I’m riding in a tiny two-seat Military-grade airplane over a barren desert valley outside of Las Vegas when I hear the most terrifying four words I can imagine: “You’ve got the stick.” I’ve never had any training as a pilot. The closest I’ve ever come to a cockpit is sitting…
The media is abuzz about the health benefits of probiotics. The truth is that humans have been taking advantage of healthy microscopic fungi and bacteria since the beginning of time.
It makes no sense not brushing our teeth each day or taking a shower each morning. These things are considered norms by civilized human beings, and so should fitness. We have to put the same emphasis on our health and physical appearance to be fully-actualized and self-aware as people.

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