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Advanced Nutrients Owner Revolutionizes Corporate Activism in Europe

The Hydroponics Leader Helps Those in Need The Hydroponics Leader Helps Those in Need

From environment to needy families in Eastern Europe to initiatives in support of medical marijuana, Advanced Nutrients owner Big Mike lives to help.

Advanced Nutrients® is the leading nutrient and supplement producer and provider on the hydroponic market. Asia, North America and Europe all know them as the mother-company to incomparable products on the market such as Voodoo Juice, Piranha, Iguana and Bud Candy.

Michael Straumietis created Advanced Nutrients Ltd (AN) as Canadian Soiless Ltd with his co-founders in 1996. Then, it was not exactly the same company, but around 2001, it became the AN we all currently know as the leading producer of hydroponic nutrients and supplements, which are also adequate for uses in all soils and environments. Not only a name in hydroponics, but an active member of society – this is what Advanced Nutrients is.

As a reverence to the people and a “thank you”, Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis has also started a unique plan to help nature as nature helps their company, their clients, families and friends. After all, what matters for this nutrients brand is that the production which comes out from the soil is clean, full of positively influencing the human body ingredients and benefactors.

Revolutionizing Corporate Charity

Advanced Nutrients' Michael "Big Mike" Straumietis does charity for the poor and shows gratitude for all who made his project the biggest name in hydroponics.
AN Activism incorporates many charity sub-initiatives one of which is the C.O.R.E. a.k.a. Community Outreach R&D Environment. The main purpose for Activism is to stop and think - to do something about charity. “1% for Green” is the motto of the campaign as 1% of each dollar received from AN product sales goes for charity initiative related to the environment and being ecologically aware. The main idea of C.O.R.E. is to put community first. This includes the clients, the growers and the distributors – everyone from the laboratory assistant to the Advanced Nutrients owner Michael Straumietis.

Apart of the company’s work for the growers’ community on three continents, the owner Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis is also an acknowledged philanthropist. After visiting Bulgaria, the Eastern Europe issue also became among his causes. He pioneered several corporate charity campaigns - something that this country has never heard of before. Of course, not many were convinced the Advanced Nutrients owner will be any different than the current charity organizers, but he proved the critics wrong by helping 3000 needy Bulgarian families in his charity’s first campaigns for Christmas 2012 and Easter 2013. For the Christmas holidays of 2013, Holiday Heroes announced the never-heard-of-before number holiday food boxes - 5000.

The company hasn’t just helped tens of thousands of Bulgarians who live in extreme poverty, but has a strong ecological profile as well. Thinking green is a first-rate priority in the AN facilities and offices as well. A lot of thought has even been put in the production of their products including the hydroponic nutrients and the supplements. Ecologically friendly, practically fighting poverty and injustice, and readily giving from the company’s sales income for charity – this is why Advanced Nutrients and namely Michael Straumietis are known as the innovators and most caring names in the industry.

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Advanced Nutrients Owner Michael Straumietis Presents Holiday Heroes Charity in Bulgaria
Last modified on Saturday, 02 April 2016 19:49

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