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Beware! Genetically Engineered Mutant Animals On Your Dinner Plate! Featured

Genetically modified salmon could be the first mutant food animal to make it to your plate. Genetically modified salmon could be the first mutant food animal to make it to your plate.


The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Big Ag corporations like Monsanto are already dumping all kinds of GMO foods on your plate from fruit and vegetables to processed packaged instant meals. But so far, Americans have been spared from any actual genetically engineered animals landing on their dinner plates – until now!

Mutant Animals!

You might have heard about cloned sheep and bioluminescent pigsNow meet mutant salmon.

These little Frankenstein’s monsters could wind up being the first ever genetically engineered food animal. And you won’t even know you’re eating them!

Keeping You In The Dark

Some powerful people are concerned about introducing mutant animals into our diets and into the environment. California Senator Dianne Feinstein cosponsored two bills designed to protect consumers from these Frankenfish.

The first bill asks for mandatory labeling of GM salmon, and the second one asks the FDA to ban approval of genetically modified salmon. However, both bills were essentially ignored by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

That’s right, you won’t even get to know if you’re consuming mutant fish or not!

Will You Eat Frankenfish?

In December, the FDA decided that there’s nothing wrong with eating mutant animals, at least when it comes to these GM salmon. They determined a “Finding of No Significant Impact” on the controversial AquaBounty AquaAdvantage transgenic salmon.

How Does That Make You Feel?

Keep in mind that big business and government have long been in cahoots. There’s financial motivation at every turn for government to kneel before their corporate overlords. Do you trust the FDA?

And how does it make you feel that the health of you and your family is in the hands of an organization whose values are so askew? If the FDA thinks producing mutant food animals is okay, they're either inept or corrupt. And yet this organization has incredible control over which "food" is sold to you.

Ignorance = Power

But if this salmon is really safe for human consumption, what’s wrong with labeling it as genetically modified? The answer is simple: the companies selling you and your family mutant food animals know that you don’t want to consume garbage.

So how can they get you to eat something you don’t want to eat? They just won’t tell you what you’re eating. And they’re counting on your ignorance to empower them to keep taking money out of your pocket to pay for food that could harm you and your family.

The Danger Of GM Salmon

The fact is that the effects of eating mutant animals are still unknown. But that doesn’t mean this so-called “food” is safe to eat. Do you want to be a guinea pig for a massive science experiment?

Environmental Destruction

The other problem with GM salmon is the threat they pose to wild salmon populations. Right now, proponents of the mutant fish are trying to claim that there is no threat. But that’s in spite of a very important fact:

Millions of farmed salmon already escape into the wild every year!

These farmed salmon are less healthy and less hardy than wild salmon, which means they’re less likely to survive the trials of the natural world. And once they breed with wild salmon, the wild salmon population will be weakened, and possibly disappear altogether.

Salmon Extinction

It’s possible that if wild salmon populations are contaminated by interbreeding with the weaker farmed salmon (and then genetically engineered salmon), the result will be a species of salmon that cannot withstand hardship.

Imagine an unduly hot season. If rivers are lower than usual, only the strongest salmon will be able to spawn. And if there are no strong salmon left, then a changing climate could spell the end of salmon in their natural environment. Then the only salmon left will be on farms.

If the only salmon left are mutant farmed salmon, when it finally comes to light that these frankenfish are toxic to human health, there will be no wild stock to turn to. That’s worst case scenario, and it’s definitely not out of the question.


We’ll follow this story at RosebudMag.com and let you know how soon you can expect to see mutant animals showing up for dinner. In the meantime, spread the word, share this article, and tell your friends and family to demand labeling of GM products. The world is in your hands!

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GM salmon could be on the way to your dinner plate!
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