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A Hydroponics Grower Talks About the Hydroponics Hijacking

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A monopoly is at work robbing you and the entire hydroponics industry! A monopoly is at work robbing you and the entire hydroponics industry! © RosebudMag.com

Editor’s Note: The enclosed comment came in as a response to the Hydroponics Hijacking article written by Big Mike Straumietis, the co-founder of Advanced Nutrients, and posted on the Rosebudmag.com website. The grower’s text was too long to post as a comment, but we at Rosebud felt it worth posting on its own as a guest article…

Hey Big Mike: You probably don’t remember me but I met you at the expo. It was great talking to you! I am responding to your Hydroponics Hijacking article. I remember the first time I heard you saying this about some of the other hydro companies and Sunlight Supply doing unfair business practices that hurt the industry it made me sad because as you say, all of us who are into hydroponics could have fun and get along, or not, and we all should be like a family that gets along well for the good of everybody.

But when you explained how these good old boys such as Sunlight Supply and Hydrofarm are running their hydroponics monopoly that’s when it made me realize why it was that when I go to some hydroponics stores they were not selling Advanced Nutrients and other products that I wanted or sometimes they had the products but they would talk me out of buying them in favor of stuff I didn’t really want or knew about ahead of time.

Now it all makes sense and I see that it happens in other industries for example at the auto parts store I go to they don’t sell Hi-Tec or Royal Purple synthetic oil and when I asked them they said it is because their distributor is owned by a company that makes other kinds of synthetic oils so they can’t sell the ones I had asked about!

I met you at the expo and to me that is the same as if I was at a computer expo and Bill Gates was there and he would talk to me! How many people who actually own and create a hydroponics company are at the hydroponics expo? Only you as far as I can tell. At the other hydroponics conventions I went to the Dutch Master, Botanicare and the General Hydroponics booths and they just handed me some brochures and a sticker. There was no personal connection or concern from them where the head of the company was there and clearly he is caring about the growers because it is what he has as a number one concern, the way it was when I talked to you for almost 30 minutes. They just don’t have it in them.

It is also obvious to me just from common sense to look at what your company has done for the growers and compare it to what Sunlight Supply, General Hydroponics and the other hydroponics companies have not done. Like how I am enrolled in your email program and you have given me hydroponics growing information that has really helped me and you didn’t charge me for it in any way. Those other companies have done nothing for me and frankly their products are no good either. You are also giving away the Rosebud magazine which to me and my friends who are also growers is worth a million Maximum Yield and Urban Garden magazines. What I have noticed about those hydroponics magazines and most of the rest of the hydroponics companies in general is that they are not really into hydroponics gardening as much as they are into making money. They do not provide any hydroponics growing information like on your Rosebud website there are so many hydroponics gardening articles that specifically appeal to me and are far more useful than any other hydroponics information on the Internet or even in books. As you say, they do not give back to the community they only take from it. There is absolutely no dispute about that.

As with many other bad things that are happening in this world I have limited power and choices in how to fix things. For example I am a Libertarian which means I do not believe in the Democrats or Republican parties but when I go to vote, I do not have hardly any Libertarian choices, and even if I do, there is no way they are going to win.

With what you have brought out about the problem of Sunlight Supply, General Hydroponics and the other companies not being fair or good for hydroponics as a whole, I have one choice and that is to vote with my dollars. I just won’t buy their products anymore. I won’t shop at those hydroponics stores controlled by them. That is the only power I have.

In closing, Big Mike, I just want you to know that myself and other growers appreciate very much and respect how you have stepped forward to be the only hydroponics businessman who has the guts to be friendly to us growers and to make products and give information that are for us growers.  It is obvious to everyone that you and your company are for us all the way, and that the other people need to follow your example and get with the program. I agree with you that if Sunlight Supply, Hargreaves and the rest of them would be honest and not so greedy, that everyone would be better off and we would all have a better time growing. I wish you every success in your fight against the good old boys and pray that they will stop messing with the hydroponics industry right away.



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