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A Hydroponics Grower Challenges Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield & Urban Garden

  • Written by  Guest article by Jeff Thompson

First of all let me thank Advanced Nutrients for giving me the chance to have this published on the RosebudMag.com website. What I am writing here was originally sent in the form of an email questionnaire/statement to the owners of three hydroponics businesses: Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden. I received no reply from them, so I am writing it here.

According to the "Hydroponics Hijacking" article by Advanced Nutrients co-founder Michael Straumietis, Sunlight Supply is a major hydroponics distributor that has way too much control over the hydroponics world, like a monopoly but worse. And most of us know of Maximum Yield and Urban Garden magazines. Until Rosebud came along, those magazines are what we were stuck with as hydroponics growers. Their articles are about growing lettuce, chives, tomatoes, and other generic crops, not the high value hydroponics crops we grow. Growers follow the advice found in those magazines, and end up with weak harvests as a result. What a waste!!

Information about me: I am a California hydroponics grower for a long time. I have attended indoor gardening expo events such as those put on by Maximum Yield and Urban Garden in the USA and elsewhere. I spent about $3900 last year on hydroponics goods. Hydroponics is my chosen profession and I want the best for the hydroponics community and myself.

When I go to hydroponics indoor gardening expos I notice one big glaring absence is that Advanced Nutrients is not there. This is a loss for hydroponics growers and the expo because Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics nutrients company that brings interesting booths, products, information and atmosphere to an indoor gardening expo or trade show.

When Advanced Nutrients used to be allowed to go to indoor gardening expo trade shows, they would bring fun to the whole place, including money giveaways, free product samples, very lovely ladies, free drinks and other kind things. Their tech people tell you exactly how to grow massively delicious flowers. Of course Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield, and Urban Garden never come close to providing that level of excitement and hydroponics information at an indoor gardening expo, or anywhere else. They are on cruise control, delivering boring, old school hydroponics gear and information year after year.

When you see how Advanced Nutrients websites and magazines provide you large amounts of free information that give you bigger and more profitable hydroponics yields, and compare that to the lame and small amount of information provided by Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden combined, it's easy to see who your real friends are.

But what you might not realize is that Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden do not allow Advanced Nutrients at their indoor gardening expo or in their magazines, and many of us are wondering why they blockade a company that's clearly on the side of hydroponics growers? I have read or heard other things about those previously mentioned hydroponics companies as to how they use strong-arm tactics to block Advanced Nutrients from indoor gardening shows, hydroponics magazines and hydroponics stores. There's even an article on MSNBC about the hydroponics industry, in which a major retailer totally states that people like Sunlight Supply strongarm the industry!

I for one am sick and tired of this bullying. So I am sending a public and open letter to these people and asking that they send an answer to my email address. I already sent the same questions to them and called their offices but got no reply. Here are my questions for Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden:

* Why do you block Advanced Nutrients from trade shows?

* Why is Advanced Nutrients not allowed to advertise in Maximum Yield or Urban Garden? Who made that decision, and why?

* Why does Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden discriminate against Advanced Nutrients and the medical hydroponics growers community?

* If the detailed allegations that Sunlight Supply engages in fraud, monopoly tactics, intimidation and other bad things are untrue , why has their been no public response of disagreement to those allegations from Sunlight Supply?

* Does Sunlight Supply in any way control what goes into Maximum Yield and Urban Garden magazine articles and/or advertisements?

* Has Sunlight Supply ever threatened hydroponics stores or growers regarding Advanced Nutrients or regarding what plants growers grow? Why does Sunlight Supply choose not to distribute Advanced Nutrients products?

* Has Sunlight Supply or any of its subsidiaries such as NGW (National Garden Wholesale) ever done anything or sold any defective products that harmed hydroponics gardens, hydroponics growers or hydroponics plants?

* Under what conditions would Advanced Nutrients be allowed to be a vendor at a Maximum Yield or Urban Garden expo? Why do you treat Advanced Nutrients differently from other hydroponics companies when it comes to Advanced Nutrients having a vendor booth at indoor gardening expo events?

Those are my questions. I would appreciate if Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden would give me honest and complete answers. My email address is JeffThompson4t@hotmail.com. (I am also asking growers, hydroponics retailers and anyone else to share with me their feelings about Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden, as it relates to how they discriminate against Advanced Nutrients and hydroponics medicinal growers).

Now is the time for you to come clean. From the perspective of myself and many other hydroponics growers, Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics nutrients company that reaches out to assist growers in a professional and up front way. It is my opinion that your actions against Advanced Nutrients have taken away freedom of choice, the highest quality of hydroponics products, and the rights of growers and hydroponics stores. In that context, it is time for Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden to explain their discrimination against the hydroponics community.

Sincerely Yours, Jeff Thompson.

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Jeff Thompson is a reader of RosebudMag.com, your online hydroponics lifestyle magazine. Rosebud magazine thanks him for contributing this guest-written hydroponics article.

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