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Urban Garden: Censoring Hydroponics Growers

  • Written by  Jeff Thompson, Guest Writer
Urban Garden: The Food Grower’s Magazine Urban Garden: The Food Grower’s Magazine

In my first-ever article on RosebudMag.com, I issued an open challenge to hydroponics industry monopolists and hypocrites who are discriminating against Advanced Nutrients and harming growers by stifling the free flow of hydroponics information and the availability of the most effective hydroponics nutrients and gear.

(See: www.rosebudmag.com/hydroponic-gardening/hydroponics-grower-challenges-sunlight-supply)

In my article I asked a series of public questions for these hydroponics monopolists to answer. Among the monopolists is Urban Garden magazine, which joins with Sunlight Supply and Maximum Yield magazine in preventing Advanced Nutrients from participating in indoor gardening expos sponsored by these monopolists. I included my email address in the article and challenged Urban Garden and the others to respond to the facts and questions. They haven’t said a word to me so far, but I have received extremely interesting information from hydroponics growers and am going to start posting it here on RosebudMag.com as of right now.

My article today first shows you an editorial by Urban Garden editor “Everest Fernandez” and posted on the Urban Garden site on April 3, 2010. In the editorial you read Everest Fernandez making fun of RosebudMag.com. After you read the editorial, you see the response to the editorial that a hydroponics grower sent to Everest Fernandez via the Urban Garden comments section.  The grower told me that Fernandez never allowed the comment to go live. This is no surprise to me because the fact that Urban Garden and Maximum Yield censor and stifle honest discussion and censor advertising in the hydroponics media world is one of the main things that Advanced Nutrients co-founder Michael Straumietis has complained about.

So first you will see what the Urban Garden editor wrote online about Rosebud. Then you will see what a hydroponics grower wrote back to Urban Grower in reply. If it hadn’t been for the grower sending me his reply, you would never have seen the reply, because the Urban Garden editor never allowed it to go live on his website. Big surprise, eh?

From Urban Garden magazine online, April 3, 2010:

Urban Garden Magazine, the premier hydroponics magazine for indoor gardeners, is delighted to welcome Rosebud Magazine (i.e. Rosebud hydroponics lifestyle magazine, not the magazine for writers) to the online and hydroponics magazine universe! After all, the more quality hydroponics advice that gets out there to hydroponic growers, the better.

Staying with Rosebud Hydroponics Growers Magazine for a moment, we read the feature entitled “Getting Maximum Yield Using Hydroponics Urban Garden Fertigation” with particular interest. We can concur that a whole plethora of “modern technology can provide you with maximum yield in your urban garden.” But what does this really mean to urban gardeners? After all, you need a whole lot of growing skill too – fundamentally, a knowledge and understanding of how plants work. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. No expensive tub of ‘bloom booster’ is going to make up for a crappy growing environment or a lack of hydroponic growing skills – even if this means that you spend less on the grandly priced plant potions of the day. We don’t mind giving you this advice, of course, because we don’t have a hydroponic nutrient company of our own! We’d like you to consider Urban Garden Magazine as your number one source for independent hydroponic and indoor growing advice.

The best hydroponic growing advice we can give you is this: get your growing environment right, observe your plants closely and feed them quality base nutrients, and you will enjoy great success. Get to this point first, and then, and only then, take a look at the vast array of supplements and additives available. After all, these products really are the icing on the cake. In short, it’s best to start honing your cake making skills eh?

Finally, we should reserve some thanks for Google. Not only is it great for finding out more about baking cakes, if it were not for this popular search engine, we might not have ever stumbled across the helpful article in Rosebud Hydroponics Magazine. Thank goodness somebody is looking out for hydroponic growers and indoor cultivators! Otherwise where would we be when it came to finding information about indoor cultivation? Hmmmm … ’nuff said methinks!

Chuckling all the way,



Ok, now you have just read what Urban Garden’s editor wrote. The following is what a hydroponics grower sent to Everest as a reply to the editorial to be placed on the Urban Garden site as a public comment. It never saw the light of day, until now:

Hey Everest:  Urban Garden is my second most favorite online magazine. But Rosebud is definitely my favorite. So some of your comments in your article are lame IMO. First of all, the Rosebud articles are a lot more about the types of plants I grow than yours are. Your magazine is for "food production," so you say on your homepage. That's not what most of us use hydro for, dude, hope u realize that. Secondly, the Rosebud article you make fun of is not saying that nutrients and only nutrients are the only things that make a great crop. In fact the Rosebud writers give the whole story in many articles explaining a lot more about all the things plants need including c02, lighting, climate, root media, etc than UG ever explains. Also you are forgetting that Rosebud is also in the stores too and they have Erik Biksa who is a hella lot more experienced and known hydroponics expert than anyone who ever writes for UG. As far as Advanced Nutrients the company that gives us both Rosebuds, at least they aren't in bed with the winky-winky gangstas in the industry who try to censor what the industry is all about, and their products are for the REAL growers, not the bell pepper crowd. The articles I like on UG are the political and environmental articles. For hydroponics information, I rely only on Rosebud. Nuff said.

Advanced Nutrients issues the million dollar grow challenge!

I can see why Everest Fernandez chose not to allow that sharp reply to go live on his Urban Garden website. The truth does hurt these monopolist hypocrites who are in the “food production” industry. And speaking of the truth, wait until you see the next article that I am working on. It comes from information several growers emailed me about how Sunlight Supply and its business affiliate National Garden Wholesale have allegedly sold a defective irrigation product that harmed many hydroponics plants, and then refused to compensate hydroponics medical growers who lost huge amounts of money. Apparently there is even a class action lawsuit in the works against Sunlight Supply’s parent company, IP Holdings, LLC. This is some very serious stuff, to say the least, and from what I can tell, many growers have had their plants poisoned by these kinds of problems and the industry and growers needs to stand up against it now. Look for that information right here- soon!

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