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  Since the first genetically modified foods were unveiled in the ’80s, proponents have celebrated the technology as the silver bullet for providing nourishment to the earth’s growing population. So why are so many places in the developing world duking it out over the health and ecological repercussions of GMOs?…
  Since the beginning of agriculture, pests have been a constant and unavoidable challenge to farmers. Insects can decimate entire fields of crops, while hectares of sun-drenched soil are a smorgasbord for weeds. Every farmer must learn to carefully manage nature’s unwanted guests.
  This spring, the agriculture sector has seen its fair share of action, with farmers and concerned citizens demanding justice after the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act was given President Obama's stamp of approval this March.
  A Canadian mining company is behind a plan to destroy or seriously damage a huge stretch of protected rainforest, one of the last places on earth where orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants live together.
  One of the countries that has issued a ban on Monsanto's Genetically Modified corn, Hungary recently discovered and destroyed over 1000 acres of the GMO giant's patented GMO corn. The corn had snuck its way into the seed supply throughout the country. They wanted to make a bold symbolic…
  As growers, we have a pretty good understanding of how government seeks to regulate our lives. Despite living in a democracy (many of us in “The Land of the Free”), government sees fit to tell us what we can and can’t grow. Now the long arm of Big Government…
  Recently there have been several stories in the news outlining the fact that not all police and other public servants are necessarily the nicest, most respectful, or caring people in the world. Anti-police activists have used these incidents to pursue their argument that law enforcement is inherently evil and…
  The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Big Ag corporations like Monsanto are already dumping all kinds of GMO foods on your plate from fruit and vegetables to processed packaged instant meals. But so far, Americans have been spared from any actual genetically engineered animals landing on their dinner…
  Many of us consider our pets to be members of the family, so the idea that thousands of animals just like our own are quietly killed each year because of human selfishness is difficult to bear. Yet the statistics are plain: five to seven million dogs and cats a…

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