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`Weed Like to Talk` or How Europe Fights Prejudice

All EU countries fight against discrimination – they want to have the freedom to smoke, grow and treat their pain with cannabis!

Although seen as not-that-important by many people who have little to do with Europe, we are happy to put light on this subject by showing how the people of Europe have found a way to guarantee equality amongst the member states of the European Union. By challenging the authorities with an international, Union-wide petition, seven Europeans have organized the `Weed like to talk citizens’ initiative.

Weed like to talk is a newly registered official petition which has been approved by the European Commission. The petition urges everyone who wishes for true freedom to vote “yes” for the complete legalization of the cannabis plant for both recreational and medical use in the entire European Union.

The main aim of this petition is to make the authorities introduce a uniform law and regulations for on the subject of recreational and medical marijuana.

The main aim is to convince the European authorities that there is a strong need for an urgent introduction and wholesome implementation of a common policy throughout all the member states. The rules, laws or official guidelines should be able to control and regulate the production, use as well as sale of cannabis.

Poland and Bulgaria, the two most active countries, by far exceeding other countries’ contribution as of the current moment, have started an active campaign for the promotion of this petition. Currently, Poland has collected 19,161 of the required 38,250 signatures required, equaling to 50.09%. Bulgaria, on the other side, managed to collect over 5,000 signatures in just a week. This is around a 40% of the required 13,500. The next most-active countries are Sweden (25.51%) and Estonia (22%).

The fight has begun, but will the Union act like one?

The main aim of this petition is to make the authorities introduce a uniform law and regulations for on the subject of recreational and medical marijuana. Currently, cannabis is legal for medical uses in the Czech Republic, Romania (certain conditions apply) and in other countries where the plants is legalized or decriminalized for researches, special medical needs or even in exceptions to the law where and when needed. Italy, on the other side, allows cultivation for medical and industrial uses under strict regulations.

Why not sign?

Apart from the pharmaceutical companies that cannot see their business cooperating with nature, there is not really any reason for the people not to sign. All you need is to be European by nationality and to have a valid ID number from a member state. Address registration and full names are also needed. The biggest problem is the fact that signatures require this type of information. Giving away your personal details and ID number is something everyone would advise against.

The European Commission, however, is probably one of the safest places on Earth. Not only this, but the Privacy Statement section states all the necessary details on how and according to which regulations and normative documents are the personal data collected and kept safe.

Europe is taking a stand, let us all wish them luck and spread this petition! They have just until November 2014 to collect 1,000,000 signatures from at least 7 EU countries.

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Last modified on Thursday, 27 February 2014 18:48

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