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Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, and Phone Hacking: Will Justice Prevail?

Rupert Murdoch understands the benefits of being an old dude with a billion dollars. Rupert Murdoch understands the benefits of being an old dude with a billion dollars.

One of the world’s richest men is in hot water, as Rupert Murdoch continues to stand in defense of himself, his son, and his empire before authorities and the court of public opinion. As the story of News Corp and the fallout of the scandal continues to unravel, the peripheral characters are becoming more prominent, too– namely Murdoch’s son James Murdoch, Rupert’s wife Wendi Deng, and deceased journalist Sean Hoare.

Let’s have a look at the players in this drama.

First, there’s the big man himself. Ultimately, nobody can justify the phone hacking that is the crux of the scandal, but how guilty is Rupert Murdoch? On one hand, he’s an old guy with thousands of employees and companies, and isn’t necessarily aware of everything that’s going on everywhere. But whether he’s aware or not, as the owner of News of the World, the recently defunct tabloid at the center of the firestorm, he bears some responsibility for the shady dealings of that publication.

After all, News of the World staff weren’t just hacking into phones of celebrities like Sienna Miller and Steve Coogan. They were also listening to private voicemails intended for the family of British soldiers killed in action, victims of the 7/7 London bombings, and most sensationally (as well as most reprehensibly) the family of murdered school girl Milly Dowler.

However, it might be the junior Murdoch, James whose hands are the dirtiest. Evidence suggests he may have known of the phone hacking. However, James has pled ignorance, even though he authorized the pay off of British sports figure Gordon Taylor after his phone was hacked.

And then there’s Wendi Deng, currently one of the hottest cougars on the planet. It’s a classic tale of an old billionaire and his sexy young wife. Well, sort of. These stories of true love don’t usually involve the trophy wife physically repelling a pie-in-the-face attack from a would-be protester. But Deng isn’t your average piece of arm candy.

Aside from the Murdoch family, the most talked about figure in the News Corp scandal could be Sean Hoare. Hoare was one of the first journalists to come forward and expose the practice of phone hacking by News of the World. On July 18 of this year, as the scandal continued to approach its peak, Hoare was found dead in his home. Police have not determined a cause of death, but insist that it’s not suspicious. Keep in mind that high-ranking police officials have already resigned after it was proven that they were in bed with the phone hackers, taking a variety of bribes.

Without pointing any fingers, let’s just look at these facts: 1. Sean Hoare messed with a powerful business entity that was in cahoots with corrupt cops. 2. A short time later, he died of undetermined causes at age 47. Conspiracy or coincidence?

With the world’s eyes on Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, and Wendi Deng, all we can hope for is that the right people, whoever they are, get punished fairly. So far so good. News of the World is no more, and a number of guilty people have been arrested or have lost their jobs or both. Will it be enough to convince creeps the world over to treat people’s privacy and well-being with respect? Of course not. But any measure of justice is better than none.

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Wendi Deng proves she's not your average trophy wife by slapping a protester who attempts to put pie in the face of Rupert Murdoch.
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