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The Three Worst GMO-Producing Countries

Many citizens in the worst GMO-producing countries want natural produce. Many citizens in the worst GMO-producing countries want natural produce.

We’ve pretty much established that GMOs are, at best, bad for your health and, at worst, going to cause the zombie apocalypse. But which countries are the biggest producers of GMOs, and why do they not seem concerned? Here’s a rundown of the three biggest GMO producers (and they have everyone else beaten by a wide margin).

3. Argentina
(23 million hectares of GMOs)

Like many GMO countries, Argentina’s main commodity is soy, much of which goes to China or elsewhere in the Far East, where GMOs are not banned. 

Due to the large amount of space taken up by GM plants in Argentina, they have to spray insane amounts of pesticides, many of which have been known (and already shown) to cause birth defects.

In his film Argentina: The Bad Seeds, filmmaker Glenn Ellis explores the cost of genetically modified soy in Argentina. At a speech in Cordoba, he listened to Nobel laureate Raul Montenegro speak about the grave harm that pesticides have done to the people of Argentina. 

“I have pesticide in me,” he said. “Here we all have pesticide in our bodies because the land is saturated with it. And it is a huge problem. In Argentina, biodiversity is diminishing, even in national parks, because pesticides don’t recognize the limit of the park.”

2. Brazil
(30.3 million hectares of GMOs)

Like its neighbor to the south, Brazil is constantly growing soy to feed the needs of its Chinese partners. In fact, China has recently approved the sale of a Brazilian Monsanto soybean that was genetically engineered to detract (i.e., kill) a caterpillar that has become a nuisance. 


1. United States (69 million hectares of GMOs)

Who else did you expect? Our insanely lax regulations on genetically modified food and the advantage of large companies like Monsanto to bully state and local governments into dropping lawsuits and coerce voters into making unhealthy choices make it difficult to get accurate information to the masses.

This past California state election, Monsanto and the corporations that sell its products spent nearly $1 billion to create a scare campaign against a proposition that would have required labeling of GM ingredients in our food. People voted against this essentially because Monsanto’s ads made it seem as though we would somehow require gold bullion to buy our Hot Pockets. 

The scariest part is that the GMO producers are winning. They have already snuck legislation through Congress that increases their invulnerability. Be concerned. 

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Some countries ban GMOs while other countries produce copious amounts of them.
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