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Ask Erik: RAW! – Employees, Part 3: Creating Winning Team Members in Your Grow Force

A successful team needs a strong leader. A successful team needs a strong leader.

If you are just joining in, this is part three - our final instalment answering a popular growing question for those involved in successful and expanding growing enterprises: how-to find, hire and manage good folks to be a part of your growing family. If you missed the previous articles in this series, you can check them out by clicking here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

Now that you have suitable candidates for a long term commitment in your growing hydroponic business, let’s look at ways you can best utilize the most valuable resource you have in your business: your people.

Never forget that the plants are the boss at the end of the day, and they will most often dictate what needs to be done and when; it’s your job to listen.

You took the time to find and hire carefully, avoiding disasters and other costly mistakes. Now you need to invest the time in directing and managing your workers effectively for your business while keeping your peeps happy, motivated to perform and pleased to be a part of your enterprise.

First of all, you need to set a good example and act like “model-employee” yourself. Ironically, this isn’t always easy to do; perhaps it’s one of the reasons you went into business for yourself in the first place. While everyone is human and has vulnerabilities and limitations, present yourself as a professional who is proud of your business and what you produce.

Show your workers a level of personal respect, but don’t leave anyone guessing who is running the show. Let them know that not only can they expect the highest level of professionalism from you at all times, but that you expect it in return because you hired them for their abilities to do so.

It’s important to recognize that there are some distinct groups of personality types out there, and learning which types your workers are allows you to more effectively manage them and delegate responsibilities most appropriately.

For example, have the perfectionist be the one mixing your reservoirs as per your feeding schedules, rather than the multi-tasker who will try and do three other jobs simultaneously while mixing critical levels of concentrated nutrients that are vital for the health and growth of your crop.

When expanding your growing business, do it a little at a time. Don’t go from never having managed workers before to having a full time crew of half a dozen. Otherwise, mistakes could prove to be very expensive while you learn to manage people for your particular growing enterprise.

Be sure to clearly identify for yourself what the exact needs of your growing business are, and how individuals are going to fit in to satisfy or even exceed these needs. Try to develop a steady routine that works for everybody, including the real boss of the show - the plants.

Never forget that the plants are the boss at the end of the day, and they will most often dictate what needs to be done and when; it’s your job to listen. Your crop won’t lie, it will tell you when it needs something or if you are doing something wrong. If you have done everything right, it will also give you a BIG thanks at the end by rewarding you with scale-busting harvests to fertilize your and your workers’ bank accounts.

Speaking of money, you can use financial motivation to help manage your employees. Besides providing an hourly wage or a bi-weekly salary, institute bonus incentive programs that encourage your people to go above and beyond the bare minimum. For example, state and record your historical harvest levels per light in the grow facility. Commit a percentage bonus to your workers for any portions of the harvest that exceed the quota. This allows you to raise the bar a little higher and higher each crop, not only for what you get at harvest, but also for what employees can take home when they do things right. Creating a win-win situation in terms of owner-employee relations is an excellent way to help ensure long term success and prosperity from your growing business.

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