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“It can kill you. I’ve always been completely honest about that.” — Greg Glassman, creator of CrossFit Virtuosity


Is there a hidden language in someone's texts, a subtext that reveals important aspects of character?  It's a provocative question. Communicating is immediate these days; people wear their phones like appendages and know the very instant someone is trying to communicate with them in most cases. But there is a disconnection with immediate, discretionary response electronic communication, a disassociation with the one being communicated with that reveals things about character that is not readily apparent one-on-one when in someone's presence. In other words, there are hidden messages in our text communications.

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The concept of ball exercises was imported to America from Europe by Joanne Posner-Mayer in the late ’80s for the rehab of patients with locomotor system injuries. Since then, exercise balls have quickly made their way into commercial gyms and have established themselves as mainstays in the fitness industry, and for good reason. The athletic ball is a wonderful fitness tool for conditioning.


You want to join the gym, but you are intimidated because you have never worked out before. It seems like a good idea to find someone to get you started and on the right track. Or maybe you have been training for years but need a motivational coach who can put you through the paces, dust off the cobwebs of your routine and give you new insights into working out.


Getting your gear into your location is a challenge. By definition, payloads are very hard to move around without being seen. And you don’t want undesirables to see you going in or out of your outback grow. Nothing ages you faster than wondering if some stranger may have observed you bringing your payload into your amazing location and might be lying in wait to take your supplies or spoils at the end of the season.


Check out these tips for planning your outdoor grow. This is a good one to bookmark and check back in on year after year. No reason to lose a whole season’s work when an expert’s got your covered.


Growers love to tell horror stories of crops gone wrong. These are some of the worst we’ve ever heard. Don’t learn from your mistakes. Learn from these instead.


Global warming was barely mentioned in the recent presidential election. But from Superstorm Sandy to the drought of 2012, it has become abundantly clear that the days when you could accurately predict the weather are gone. For most of mankind’s growing history, conditions tended to arise on time and on schedule, as nature’s clock set its reliable rhythms. Today’s outdoor growers and traditional farmers have to adapt and adjust to surprises and radical swings in order to survive.


We’re well into the New Year, and it’s time for new beginnings and resolutions. For a lot of us, that means getting into shape and joining a gym.


Everyone knows farmers are tough, and for good reason – farming and gardening is hard work. Do you need to be buff to be a gardener? Of course not. Being fit and well-conditioned certainly helps, though. Lazy gardeners are poor gardeners, but those who work hard will reap what they sow.


Eating for energy takes thought and preparation. What we consume and when we consume it dictates our energy stores and needs – both short and long term. And when it comes to fitness lifestyles, eating the proper energy foods in a calculated manner means the difference between sluggishness in the gym and the inability to lose weight. Feeling energetic and ready to take on the workout while burning off fat is the quintessential goal.


If a finance publication splashed an article on its cover touting a way to attain vast wealth by doing nothing, would anyone believe it? Probably not. Even the most wishful thinkers don’t believe there is any such thing as a free lunch. So why do aspiring health and fitness buffs fall for articles like “Iron Abs in 10 Days” or “Eat Anything and Lose Weight”?


Summer is upon us, and the desire to do outdoorsy activities is strong. But if we are in poor cardiovascular condition, it dulls our desire to maintain an active lifestyle and keeps us from feeling vital and energetic.

It makes no sense not brushing our teeth each day or taking a shower each morning. These things are considered norms by civilized human beings, and so should fitness. We have to put the same emphasis on our health and physical appearance to be fully-actualized and self-aware as people.

An incredible feeling of wellbeing washed over me as I basked in the sun with my back against the bulkhead, the warmth hitting my face on that exquisite fall day. We broke out into the open waters and steamed towards home, Vancouver, and the sea breeze rushing up the Sound gently blew my hair and made me feel so fantastic. I sighed in great repose, for not only did this beautiful Sept 23rd herald the change of seasons, but so did it mark an incredible change in my outlook on life.

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