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Statistically, flying in an airplane is safer than driving in a car - unless you happen to be a big name celebrity. So many musical celebs have met their death in a plane crash that they are almost no longer a statistical anomaly! What’s the fastest way to achieve long lasting star status? Die before your time. Lets take a look at celebrities who may have gone down in flames, but whose careers took a boost from their untimely end.

What songs make the fans go wild? Whether it’s the old favorite played when the home team takes the field or the special song of triumph when that great play occurs, these are the tunes we know by heart even if we don’t get all the words!

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There are always prophesies about the world ending - remember people stockpiling supplies for Y2K or readying themselves for the Rapture in 2007? What are the latest apocalyptic theories - and when can we expect the mothership to return and take us all home?

Cher. Prince. Beyonce. Madonna. Sting. There are artists who manage to break that barrier until they only need a one word name for everyone in the world to know who they are - and we love them!

It’s one of the hottest looks ever - the perennial leather jacket over faded, torn, skin hugging jeans. When did the trend start and which actors made it their mission to keep the look alive and sexy?

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Who was Sweet Caroline? What about Clapton's Layla? The women behind famous songs have interesting stories. Let’s find out who these ladies were who inspired some of the greatest songs ever - and were immortalized for it!

They play the role of teenage dream and have girls swooning in the aisles. From sparkly vampire to computer geek to wizard, these adorable young hunks battle it out to see who will be the next Matt Damon, DiCaprio, Ashton or Brad Pitt.

When a dude lands a woman like this, you can’t help but wonder ‘what was he thinking’!’ when he steps out. Sure, sometimes the little head takes control - but seriously, you’d think some form of self preservation would have kicked in.

We’ve all been there. Everyone has a crazy ex story to tell. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could recognize budding psychosis before it reaches the ‘try to run you over with your own car’ phase? Read on…

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Some of them have been around for a while and are just now finding their feet; others are relatively new to the acting scene and are winning hearts right and left. These are the cream of young actresses poised for that next big role.

We all know rare stamps, baseball cards and Barbie dolls can go for outrageous sums - but what are the more unusual items in the world of collectibles? Now you can find out what to look for at garage sales!

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They are at the top of their game and the top of the world - but it’s not enough. Sports players can make more money, receive more adulation, and fall harder than most other people on the planet . When they go down, the go down hard.

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Some people have hydroponics as a hobby. Others collect things. Some very lucky individuals get to do both. Coins, stamps, and rare books are a few of the items these collectors fancy - and so are license plates.

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From famous gangsters who disappeared mysteriously to serial killers who to this day remain uncaught to those who’ve managed to evade the FBI for decades, these are some of the biggest unsolved crimes!

We ladies have had it hammered into our heads what a ‘nice girl’ is, and it makes us self conscious about asking for things we really want. Plus, we fear that if we do ask, you’ll somehow think less of us… so just read our minds, OK?

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