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There are a few actresses who became iconic in their own way - then seemed to disappear. What happened to these beauties, and where are they today? Did they give up acting altogether?

Every year, major companies vie for the expensive airtime that surrounds the biggest football game of the season - and they shell out big bucks for well known faces to tout their products at halftime.

You settle into your airline seat - and see the 250 pound woman heading your way… or the dude sneezing furiously into a handful of crumpled tissues… or (god forbid) the young girl with the screaming baby in her lap. What do you do?

These chicks don‘t just dig the sweaty men in tight pants or muscle baring tank tops - they actually respect the game and know the rules. These are the ones up in the bleachers, not the box, holding a cold one and screaming their lungs out.

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On a recent trip to Ft Lauderdale, this author met a lot of guys. Some of them were quite good looking, but unfortunately once they opened their mouths ... well. A few of the following pickup lines are inspired by ones I actually heard - and I can guarantee they aren’t a turn on!

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You know you watch for them. That hint of color on pale skin when a girl bends over to pick something up, or reaches to snag something off a high shelf. Is it a bird? A plane? No - it’s a back tattoo!

“Back in the day”, Cruise, Berry, Costner, Affleck, and Cuba Gooding Jr were the highlight of major blockbusters that left us applauding frantically and buying tickets for repeat viewings. Which movies killed these movie stars’  careers and headed them for voiceovers and rotten comedy flicks?

Most women who appear in adult films find it difficult to crossover to mainstream movie and TV. However, the adult film life of most of these stars is short - the first sign of age, and they are replaced by younger, firmer bodies. Which former porn stars now have careers in the mainstream?

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What is it about sexy women from the little island called Britain?

Is it the accent? The lack of American prudery? Their poise and self confidence? No matter - they are hot and they know it, and vie

with our homegrown talent for our affections on the big screen!

From humble beginnings to titillating pasts to carefully guarded private lives, find out what some of our favorite celebs have tucked away in their closets! Just goes to prove that the past doesn’t dictate the future unless you let it…

We love to hate them. They set our teeth on edge. We suffer through their every appearance silently grinding our teeth and hoping a gunshot rings out. These ten TV characters have outlived their welcome!

From gorgeous beaches strewn with the bikini clad and tanned women to the bustling nightlife and rowdy atmosphere of the Strip, Ft Lauderdale is definitely the go to spot for fun in the sun - especially in January or February!

With all the time and money we women spend on our shoes, do you think we don’t notice yours? When was the last time you put some serious thought into your footwear?

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They’re sexy. They’re stunning. They’re unstoppable - and they could wipe the floor with you in under sixty seconds. Which actresses make the list as lethal weapons?

Admit it. You love the carnage. The gore. The screaming. So without further ado - here’s the top ten BEST kill scenes of 2010...

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