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It’s coming up on the New Year, and you’re stuck doing Christmas shopping. Why not treat yourself while you’re at it? A new wallet is appropriate for a new year - and you want one that will hold all your cash and credit cards without being too bulky.

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Some who previewed the movie 'The Social Network' claimed it presented Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as a “borderline-autistic conniver" and a "ruthless and untrustworthy sex maniac". The fast paced geek drama opened in movie theaters on October 1st, 2001, and startled naysayers by becoming not only a hit with viewers but acclaimed by critics as well.

It’s almost Christmas, and she’s expecting something grand. Not quite ready to pop the question? Choose a Lois Hill signature piece of silver designer jewelry to assure her that you’re still interested without being cornered into making that ultimate commitment.

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Where are the best Christmas vacation spots for guys and girls gone wild? The hotspots where everyone’s going for a great time with alcohol, sex and unadulterated fun? These five hookup and hang out destinations are exclusive enough to keep out the riff raff and relaxed enough that everyone can have a major blast. Blow off some steam and get ready for the New Year with a Christmas vacation you won’t soon forget!

Ever wonder if some of the stuff you think you know about sex might not be true? Sex myths start for all sorts of reasons, and are usually buried in misinformation stemming from being uncomfortable with certain topics revolving around what goes on (or doesn’t!) in the bedroom.

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