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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 00:00

Pests Revel In Climate Change

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Radical climate change has at least one beneficiary that stands to gain from global warming. Agricultural pests are taking advantage of man's relentless impact on weather patterns to extend their ranges, colonizing new areas that are gradually warming. As of 1960, pests have gained new ground toward both the north and south poles at a rate of 26.6 kilometers per decade.

Monday, 02 September 2013 23:59

Atrazine Should Be Banned Says Coalition

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Environmental groups across the nation banded together this month to call on the federal government to end the use of Atrazine as a herbicide. The chemical, which is both highly toxic and registered as an endocrine disruptor, is used to kill grassy weeds in large-scale crops such as corn. It has been favored by the agriculture industry due to its low cost.


Eating at sporting events is an all-American pastime, even to the point of spawning new culinary offshoots like tailgate barbecues. From foot-long hot dogs to cheesy nachos, baseball games are just as notorious for their own breed of food culture. But the San Francisco Giants are looking to curb this association and direct it toward something more positive by giving their stadium a healthy makeover with the installation of an edible garden.

Friday, 30 August 2013 17:06

Organic Food Trusted More By Consumers

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More and more people are trusting the USDA's certification of organic food, landing organic products into the shopping carts of 81% of US families at least some of the time. Attitudes toward organic food have been slowly changing over the past decade and reached an all-time high this year.   42% of parents say their trust in organics has increased even more, giving the certification a bump in confidence. In 2012, only 32% of parents reported an increased trust in the label. 


Bob and Colin Coogan of Stamford, Connecticut are hoping to give interior design some new flair when it comes to wall coverings. The father and son duo are the founders of Green Up, a local business that specializes in living walls made of Scandinavian moss. The plush wall pieces are available for purchase as moss frames and mirrors or as moss tiles that come in 12-inch pieces and can be connected together according to your space and aesthetic.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 05:37

Japan Leads The Way In Hydroponics

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Asia is paving the way in hydroponics. More and more eateries in Japan are boasting homegrown hydroponic vegetables and herbs and some apartment buildings even offer built-in hydroponic gardens for residents.


Climactic Change, a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to monitoring the causes and effects of climate change, will release a study next month detailing potential changes to future global agricultural systems as a result of climate change. The study predicted food costs increasing by as much as 40% due to changing weather patterns.

Thursday, 22 August 2013 05:30

MON810 Corn Shucked Out of Italy

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Monsanto's business ties in Europe continued to deteriorate this summer as Italy joined fellow EU members in the fight against GMOs and banned Monsanto's MON810 corn variety from their fields.


Gin and juice sipper and prolific gangsta rap producer Snoop Lion is a community garden activist. Not only has he started a grassroots farming program in Jamaica called Mind Gardens, he is working with Reed's soda company in LA to host a sponsorship contest for community gardeners.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 06:36

Los Angeles Street Gardens Made Legal

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In Los Angeles, the little pieces of land between the sidewalk and the street may soon be community gardens. Gardeners across the city celebrated this week after city council overturned a bylaw that prohibited using the neglected parkways as flower gardens or vegetable plots.


The EPA is holding true to its decision not to reform current testing practices for endocrine disrupting chemicals found in food or the environment despite criticism from a panel of scientists.

Empty buildings are becoming homes to hydroponic set-ups across the US and schoolhouses are no exception. Instead of bulldozing Pittsburgh's Schaeffer Intermediate School, Brian Knuckols envisions an indoor farm stretching across several classrooms. 

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