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Wednesday, 31 July 2013 10:22

PepsiCo's Naked Juice Not So Natural After All

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PepsiCo is in hot water again and this time it's for making false claims. The company's line of fresh juices called "Naked Juice" have been through a lawsuit and back, costing the soda manufacturer $9 million in damages. The beverage was brought to court after Pepsi labelled the drink "natural" despite third-party testing revealing otherwise.


Fish tanks are elegant, peaceful and fun to look at but that clearly wasn't enough for Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez. The enterprising duo from UC Berkeley have turned the world of aquariums upside down by combining the popular hobby with a hydroponic system. Thanks to them US markets now have a table-top, closed-system aquaponics kit available for purchase called Aquafarm.  


Roots are undeniably one of the most vital components of plant physiology. Understanding the inner workings of root systems is essential for any hydroponic grower as facilitating a strong, healthy foundation for your plants will ultimately be key to vigorous and hearty yields. Without a solid network of roots, a seedling will never have the chance to thrive or produce a successful crop for harvest.

Thursday, 25 July 2013 14:26

Bitcoins Find An Online Hydroponic Retailer

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Wondering what to do with that change jar full of Bitcoins?

EastWestHydro.com will be giving customers the chance to spend them all in one place beginning this month as the US based company becomes the first commercial hydroponics supplier to accept the disputed internet currency.


Darin and Deb Kelly of Good Life Farms are enjoying a good bit of success after adding a hydroponic extension to their farm. The couple, who are based in Martinsville, Indiana, have been selling traditionally grown produce since 2006.


Hydroponic gardening rarely has a hard time selling itself. Pick any one of its defining features and you've got a pitch sure to rival most features of traditional agriculture. Its water efficiency alone has been enough to make more than a few modern farmers jump on the hydroponic bandwagon and it's all for good reason. Boasting 90% less water consumption than conventional farming methods, hydroponics stretches every drop to its full potential through closed systems that cycle flows of water over and over. But could this number be brought down even further? The answer is all around us.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013 12:25

Monsanto Gives Up On Europe

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Monsanto has decided to finally leave Europe alone. After years of attempting to convince European Union members to embrace biotechnology, the company withdrew eight of its nine patents pending approval for the continent.


A new hydroponic growing system called Windowfarms, which shot to success through the popular group funding site Kickstarter, has been accused of ripping off its Canadian backers and not delivering on its project's promises.

Friday, 19 July 2013 00:04

Korn Tries Out Studio Hydroponics

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  Remember high school in the late 90s, when FM radio stars like Korn ruled the air waves with their alternative lifestyle and nu metal anthems? You may not have been a fan of them then, but the band might find themselves in your good books now thanks to their budding interest in hydroponics.  


If you were ever wondering how to maximize your yield of strawberries while sticking to eco-friendly principles, look no further. The National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative is teaming up with the University of Arkansas to create a series of videos designed to guide any curious strawberry grower on the path to better and greener cultivation. 

Mexico is getting ready to expand its agricultural sector and has its eye on hydroponics.  The country, which is closely rivalled by California as the top provider of fresh produce for North America, has nearly 25.5 million hectares of arable land at its disposal for farming.

Thursday, 11 July 2013 18:59

Cloud Pens: Which Brand Name Is Which?

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Did you know that there are two companies operating under the same name? Its true. They are both calling themselves Cloud Pens and both make vapor pens that are almost identical to one another. The Cloud 2.0 is one company and the other is simply named Cloud. Even though they look identical at a glance, the Cloud and Cloud 2.0 do have a couple of small differences.

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