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20 May

Canada's Crack-Smoking Mayor, Rob Ford of Toronto

Crack smoking mayors are so passé. Crack smoking mayors are so passé.

Canada is not a country known for political scandal. This week, however, Toronto mayor Rob Ford has found himself in quite a predicament after having been accused of smoking crack cocaine.

The accusations against Ford, made by a group of Somalian drug dealers with whom Ford had allegedly smoked crack, are bolstered by a cellphone video of the affair that is being hawked to news outlets for a six-figure sum.

In the video, Ford can be seen in a well-lit room, inhaling from a crack pipe saying, “I’m f---ing right-wing,” then calling Canada's Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, a "fag".

Ford has not been Toronto's most gracious mayor, having previously been accused of public intoxication, marijuana possession, driving under the influence, conflict of interest, and racist commentary.

Immortalized by the bizarre news story, Ford has yet to respond when questioned directly but continues to refute the allegation as a whole.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 12 November 2013 23:52
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