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22 Jun

GMOs Have Adverse Effects on Pigs

If pigs are affected by consuming GMOs, wouldn't humans suffer similar effects? If pigs are affected by consuming GMOs, wouldn't humans suffer similar effects?

A toxicology study exploring the effects of GMO corn and soy on commercially raised pigs at Verity Farms in Maurice, Iowa has revealed a potential for uterine enlargement and stomach lining inflammation after five months of consumption of the two products. The study was completed by researchers from Australia's Institute of Health and Environmental Research, Flinders University, and the University of Adelaide.

In the study, two groups of pigs were monitored over 22 weeks following the consumption of GMO corn and soy that contained one protein resistant to herbicides and two used as an insecticide. The diet is typical of commercial pig rearers and included both male and female pigs.

Researchers noted at the end of the study that pigs that ate GMO feed had uteri that were 25% heavier that their non-GMO consuming counterparts and had a significantly higher rate of stomach inflammation at around 32% compared to 12% of non-GMO fed pigs. The study also revealed higher rates of miscarriage and a difficulty in conceiving when pigs were fed a GMO diet, especially if boars were used to induce conception instead of the commercially favored method of artificial insemination.

Scientists have been debating the findings since they were published in the Journal of Organic Systems last week. Critics have said that the research was conducted by a comparison of certain parameters instead of using a hypothesis, which is the medical community standard. The Journal of Organic Systems is also closely associated with anti-GMO activism, causing some to dismiss their research as bias.

Regardless, many scientists have come forward insisting that even if the results are flawed, they indicate that further research regarding GMOs is a must. Proper testing of the effects of GMOs on animals has been nearly impossible to date since expressed permission is required from biotech manufacturers in order to perform research on their products.

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