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13 Jun

Hydroponics On A Mission To Mars

A human colony on Mars would most likely make use of hydroponics. A human colony on Mars would most likely make use of hydroponics.


Hydroponic plants may find themselves in Martian territory within the next 20 years as NASA explores the feasibility of using the technology to sustain humans on Mars.

At NASA's Humans 2 Mars Summit held last month, researchers and scientists discussed plans of the agency's first manned mission to Mars projected for the mid 2030s.

Hydroponics has been the primary candidate for food production during the mission since the iron rich soil of Mars is unsuitable for Earth's plants.

Scientists have speculated building a greenhouse like structure separate from the astronaut's living quarters to be used for hydroponic growing.

A few challenges have already presented themselves, such as how the reduced gravity of Mars may affect crops. Regulating pressure within a greenhouse will be a difficult engineering puzzle to solve especially since the astronauts could then be required to wear a clumsy pressure suit to garden.

The mission will not only be a technical triumph for mankind but a special feat for astronauts who in addition to being space explorers must also learn every facet of human survival including how to farm and provide themselves with homegrown sustenance.

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