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08 Aug

Troubled Mantua Property To Become Sustainable Hydroponic Farm

A former derelict building in New Jersey could soon look something like this. A former derelict building in New Jersey could soon look something like this.


The site of an abandoned factory in Mantua, New Jersey is being given a fresh start as a hydroponic farming project after having been neglected for nearly two decades. The withered structure was demolished this week to make room for six greenhouses on the 13-acre site.

Mantua residents welcomed the structure's removal. A former manufacturing center for missile and airplane components, the property had been leaking solvent into the soil and surrounding groundwater since 2009. Police resources were often directed to the area, sometimes with up to two arrests per week, as the factory grew notorious for illegal activity.

The Mid-Atlantic States Career and Education Center alongside Mantua's Economic Development Committee raised over $1.1 million in federal and county grants to transform the lot. The project, called New Options Farms, aims to employ around 181 people and produce hydroponically grown leafy greens for local restaurants.

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The overhaul of the Mantua site could look something like this backyard renovation, but on a much larger scale.
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