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26 Jun

Organics Gain Momentum in the Marketplace as Consumers Turn Away From Pesticides

More people are attracted to organic produce than ever before. More people are attracted to organic produce than ever before.


Organically produced goods are shooting for the stars as the industry rockets into retail and the homes of more and more consumers. 81% of US families are now buying organic products in one form or another, mostly spurred by concerns of serious health effects brought about by chemical laden growing methods and GMOs.

While 97% of organic purchases have been fruits and vegetables, organic textile industries such as cotton are also seeing a spike in their sector due to the growing availability of organic linens in major department stores priced comparably to their conventional counterparts. Consumers have been branching into organic body products and vitamin purchases as well, with the biggest up-and-comers being baby food manufacturers.

With organics claiming more than $80 billion in sales in 2012 alone, the general public's reception of naturally grown merchandise can only get better.

"One thing helping to fuel growth is the big national debate over health care,” Christine Bushway of the Organic Trade Association says. “People are starting to realize that they will need to be responsible for their own health and longevity.”

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