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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 04:21

Solar Panel Technology Drops In Price

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Solar energy is quickly becoming more affordable for the everyday consumer, with prices 60% lower this year compared to 2011, reports the US Solar Energy Industries Association. Solar power installations have also been predicted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance to take first place as the number one clean energy source in the United States, edging out wind power.


As kids settle into their September classes and the back-to-school hubbub is brought to an end, you think that you'd finally get a few hours to yourself to relax. All would be good and well if it weren’t for the school cafeteria, whose food may soon pose a major safety issue to you and your family.

Monday, 23 September 2013 17:38

Beylik Family Farms Keeps It Local

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Beylik Family Farms of Fillmore, California is no new kid on the block. The hydroponic vegetable producer has been passed down generationally from father to son to grandson since the 1970s. Hydroponics was virtually unheard of at that time, but Scott Beylik, the farm's owner and operator, has kept the tradition alive.


As pro-GMO labeling legislation reaches the desks of politicians in Washington, the ever clever biotech industry continues to prove it will do anything to sway voters not to adopt the new laws.


Glamorous Las Vegas is turning to hydroponics to supply its culinary industry, one that feeds over 40 million visitors each year at the city's luxury hotels, casinos, and catered events. The state of Nevada estimates that nearly $2 million in agricultural revenue is lost each year to out-of-state produce purchases for Las Vegas alone. 


A hydroponic start-up in Maplewood, Minnesota has won this year's coveted Minnesota Cup. Garden Fresh Farms won the Cup's Energy and Clean Technology Division, defeating 1,100 competing applicants to take home $25,000 in funding. They secured the prize thanks to designing their very own, patent-pending hydroponics system. 

Monday, 09 September 2013 21:48

Chemicals From Plastics Found In Unborn Babies

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Toxic chemicals from plastics are affecting humans from the get go, starting in a mother's womb. Researchers from the American Chemical Society sampled the umbilical cords of 85 terminated pregnancies in northern California this August in order to investigate human fetal exposure to the chemical BPA (bisphenol A).

Wednesday, 04 September 2013 21:43

Pennsylvania Gets Hydroponic Veggies

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Residents of Doylestown, Pennsylavania, look out for a Veg-e Systems near you. The hydroponic vegetable producer founded by local residents  Dennis Riling and Tim Sulzer received a substantial investment by health and wellness start-up financer Novotorium this month, allowing the company to expand operations and diversify their market. 

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