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15 Aug

School Will Soon Be A Hydroponic Greenhouse in Pittsburgh

Abandoned buildings around the U.S. are being converted into indoor gardens. Abandoned buildings around the U.S. are being converted into indoor gardens.

Empty buildings are becoming homes to hydroponic set-ups across the US and schoolhouses are no exception. Instead of bulldozing Pittsburgh's Schaeffer Intermediate School, Brian Knuckols envisions an indoor farm stretching across several classrooms. 

Students from the former public school left Schaeffer behind after being consolidated into a larger facility in the city's southwest district. Now that the school is abandoned abandoned, Pittsburgh's Community Design Center is using a $150,000 grant from city council to determine how it and other deserted schools in the area could be repurposed for good. Knuckols' organization, Grow 2 Give, is a top contender for the vacant intermediate school. 

Grow 2 Give hopes to use the school's classrooms to grow hydroponic produce, which will be donated to low-income residents. Knuckols believes the program will spur economic growth in poorer neighborhoods since the influx of fresh food will take the stress out of daily breadwinning and allow residents to focus on larger goals.  Knuckols is currently applying for a grant to fund his operation and looking for organizations interested in sharing space within the building.

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