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28 May

Can Wi-Fi Stunt Plant Growth? Danish Students Say Yes Featured

Does wi-fi stunt plant growth? Does wi-fi stunt plant growth?

Wi-fi users beware: the controversy surrounding electromagnetic devices has just been rekindled thanks to new evidence revealed in plants.

Science students in Hjallerup, Denmark shocked the scientific community this month when an experiment using garden cress demonstrated some unexpected results of electromagnetic radiation.

Five teenage students at the town's high school created a science project to test the effects of radiation on living organisms after noticing that sleeping beside their cellphones at night reduced their ability to concentrate during the day. The experiment involved placing six grow trays sprinkled with garden cress seeds in two rooms, one without exposure to radiation and one containing two wi-fi routers, and observing the results after 12 days.

When the experiment came to an end, the students noted that the cress placed near the routers failed to sprout, while trays placed in the radiation free room thrived as expected.

Intrigued by the student's findings, scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden plan to recreate the study in a laboratory setting.

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This guy thinks wireless radiation is stunting his plant's growth.
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