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Hydroponic Crop Production: Are You Cut Out To Be an Entrepreneur?

Soon, you could be the proprietor of a hydroponic farm that grows beautiful food like this. Soon, you could be the proprietor of a hydroponic farm that grows beautiful food like this.

With so many people, perhaps even you, unemployed and worried about their future, this may be the right time to ask, “Is becoming self-employed my best option?” Hydroponic crop production can offer incredible opportunities for self-employment, to utilize abilities you have and want to express. It’s true, many people still think hydroponics are only for producing medicinal crops. We’re here to tell you that there are many more avenues for hydroponic growers. Imagine yourself equipped with the technology to have your own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) operating out of your garage or back yard or roof top, or the facility to competently grow a crop to market to your local organic grocers.

The clear advantage of self-employment is being your own boss; knowing that you have the potential to earn as much or as little as the effort you put forth. Obviously, it takes a person who is willing to take a leap of faith and work very hard to create the dream.

First, we suggest you answer some important and tough questions:

  1. Are you a self-starter?
  2. Are you a willing to take risks to achieve your goals?
  3. Will devoting long hours of hard work to a new business offset the worry of finding a steady job to pay your bills?
  4. Will your immediate family support you and be willing to participate?

You will need to assess your financial resources. Many people do not have savings, so it is very important to be prepared to identify your base needs. First, you need to put together a business plan to plan out your roadmap of what you want to achieve and assess if you will need to raise money from investors or set up a line of credit or go it alone with what you have.

Creating a sound plan will force you to set forth clear objectives. You will address the idea based on the start-up costs, as well as identify what can go wrong and what kind of income you will achieve with the inputs you have available. Don’t get stuck in the negative “what ifs,” but do have a realistic understanding of as many pros and cons as you can, so you will be prepared to take action on your dream while recognizing your limitations, as well as expanding your abilities.

We urge you to involve your family in the decision and invite them to be part of this exciting venture. Think like a team from the very beginning and discuss how each family member can support the business and contribute his/her unique talents. Try not to concentrate on the end goal; enjoy the journey of co-creation and the building of your communal dream. Families who clearly communicate can forge supportive bonds as well as partnerships that work well together and thrive.

Creating a sound plan will force you to set forth clear objectives.

Do your research, know your competition and blaze your trail. Review your past employment and ask yourself how it prepared you for entrepreneurship. Embarking on self-employment does not mean your past work efforts are negated or discarded. Rather, the tools and talents you have developed will most likely be your building blocks to create the new opportunity.

The launch of a self-employed hydroponic crop production operation requires a sound business plan, the realistic assessment of your resources and liabilities, a strong support system and belief in yourself. Know whether you have what it takes or not, and when you’re ready, seize the moment. Growing food is a very noble career. After all, the one thing each of us has in common, no matter who we are, is that we all eat. Happy growing and good luck!

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