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Growing By the Numbers: Rosebud Magazine Runs the Numbers on Growing

  • Written by  Joshua Glazer & Erik Biksa
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5.7 The perfect pH found in Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect.

8 The number of liters of water a large tomato plant can use per day.

35 The percentage of Holland’s annual 3 billion tulip bulb output that is produced hydroponically.

45 The percentage concentration of oxygen in dry tissue when comparing the elements that are essential for most higher plants.

Ken Durden / Shutterstock.comKen Durden / Shutterstock.com

250 The number of large-scale grow operations that could run for a year using the electricity consumed by the Dallas Cowboys’ football stadium in one month.

300 The number of tons of tomatoes yielded per acre with hydroponics (versus 10 tons using conventional field agriculture).

1627 The year the earliest published work on growing terrestrial plants without soil was published, in the book Sylva Sylvarum, by Francis Bacon.

43,000 The size, in square feet, of The Land, Disney’s experimental horticulture facility at Epcot.

15,900,000 The number of Google search results for “hydroponics.”

544,000,000 The annual revenue, in dollars, of the U.S. hydroponic crop farming industry.*

*according to IBISWorld 2011 Hydroponic Crop Farming Market Research Report


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