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How You Know If Hydroponics Enzymes Help Your Plants…Or Hurt Them Featured

Your hydroponics plants love enzymes, and so does your body. Your hydroponics plants love enzymes, and so does your body.


I first heard about “enzymes” in high school. Like a lot of the things they tried to teach us in science class, I didn’t totally understand the whole story. All I knew is enzymes are complex molecules that are super-important in helping living organisms create energy and growth.

Later on, when I became dedicated to upgrading my health and fitness, I heard diet expert Gary Null talk about enzyme shortages causing loss of energy, alertness, and stamina in humans.

He said that when you intake adequate amounts of fresh, active enzymes, it improves your digestion, metabolism, and overall health.

What especially grabbed my attention was when Null explained that we get a vibrant variety of enzymes only when we eat organic, carefully-prepared fruits and vegetables.

If we eat processed, “dead” foods, Null said, the enzymes have been stripped out of them. The resultant enzyme deficits cause sluggishness and digestive problems.

As a hydroponics grower, I wondered how plants create and use enzymes. This question is even more relevant for hydroponics growers who buy “enzyme supplements” for their high-value plants.

In fact, hydroponics enzymes products are made by almost all the leading hydroponics and specialty gardening manufacturers.

Enzyme manufacturers tout the claimed benefits of hydroponics enzyme products, but many growers still wonder how do you know your hydroponics plants are getting an active dose of the right enzymes when you use this or that particular enzyme product.

Bottles of enzymes sit for a long time on shelves in hydroponics stores. Do the natural compounds in them (like enzymes) stay fresh and potent forever? Apparently not.

Also, there are many many types of enzymes. Only a handful of specific types of enzymes are good to use in your hydroponics root zone.

You’re right to watch for your plants to show any obvious benefit when you’re using a particular hydroponics enzyme product.

You especially want to pay attention to whether your root zone looks cleaner, and are your roots whiter, thicker, better-developed. That’s a good way to know if a hydroponics enzymes product is worth it or not.

We remember that enzymatic activity—which forms a bioenergetic basis for your hydroponics plants’ metabolic functions while cleansing and maintaining healthy hydroponics root systems—is a key component of the life conditions your hydroponics plants need so they can give you your highest gardening satisfaction.

I’m a hydroponics grower who enjoys evaluating different products to see what works or not, so it was interesting talking about hydroponics enzymes with hydroponics growers who have massively profitable gardens.

The growers spoke of trying several brands of hydroponics enzymes. I heard the most favorable comments about a hydroponics enzyme product called SensiZym, but was warned to avoid other enzyme products.

A grower friend claimed he could “make enzymes” using a technique that resembled beer-making, involving fermentation. Not something I’d want to do, but maybe it makes sense trying to make enzymes yourself, when you see reports of enzyme brands that have been around for years such as the legendary “Hygrozyme,” that are later tested and found to have no actual active enzymes.

Of course when you hear that Hygrozyme doesn’t have active enzymes you worry that you’re spending money on something you don’t need.

It doesn’t help when you’re hearing other growers concerned they might be harming their root zones using enzyme products that create a mess in hydroponics reservoirs and roots.

Unfortunately in the case of Hygrozyme, you see many hydroponics growers in online gardening groups saying Hygrozyme creates harmful conditions in their nutrients reservoir and their plants’ root zone.

These hydroponics growers were dismayed by Hygrozyme causing damaged roots and fouled reservoir water. I heard those warnings, and stayed away from Hygrozyme.

Another way of figuring out if a hydroponics “idea” is worth you paying money for yet another bottle to put on my grow room shelf, is to ask hydroponic manufacturers how they ensure their enzyme products are guaranteed to cleanse your root zone during growth, cleanse your hydroponics root zone materials for re-use, and create a safer, cleaner root environment for increased root health, nutrients uptake, and root function…leading to better hydroponics growth and yield.

Product bottles must contain active, intact enzymes if they are to be worth your money, but if the Hygrozyme “no enzyme’s are active” test results are accurate, some of those bottles could just be a waste of your time and money.

It’s hard to keep enzymes fresh on the shelf. It’s hard to source, transport, store, select, transfer, and maintain potent hydroponics enzymes that serve as biochemical catalysts for your plants and their root zones.

Of course I want enzyme benefits…for my hydroponics plants, and for myself. I now have been on an enzyme-rich, health-giving diet long enough to verify it makes me feel a lot better.

And using quality hydroponics enzyme products that have actual active enzymes in the bottle, we see root zone and plant performance benefits when we include hydroponics enzymes in our feed programs.

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