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Outdoor Plant Nutrients Go from Dry to Wet Featured

Advanced Nutrients’ new outdoor nutrient program will take your outdoor crop to the next level. Advanced Nutrients’ new outdoor nutrient program will take your outdoor crop to the next level.


That’s right, Advanced Nutrients is going out to the backyard for outdoor season. The premium nutrient brand has spent the last year getting ready for outdoor season with the goal of bringing you the same ease of use and excellent results that you get indoors from Advanced Nutrients. Here’s what to expect from the AN outdoor program, the first of its kind in hydroponic nutrients:

First off is the Advanced outdoor feeding chart. This chart is totally different from the indoor chart and consists of fewer products (if you can believe that). This chart demonstrates that Advanced Nutrients has tailor-made this outdoor feeding program based on what’s really relevant to outdoor plants’ needs.

We asked Craig of Advanced Nutrients to elaborate on this:

“We are getting better all the time through our lab research, in-the-field studies and, most importantly, our customers’ feedback. This company actively questions growers for changes and improvements. And customers have asked for a liquid-based outdoor program.”

Advanced Nutrients’ outdoor program used to consist of a slow-release nutrient tablet called Heavy Harvest. Heavy Harvest was a revolutionary product in its own right, especially for outdoor growers who did a majority of their work in the summer months. Sweltering heat and intense physical labor were the order of the day until leading plant scientists perfected the season-specific slow-release tablets. The tablets meant that growers could visit their plants once every three to five weeks, and sit back and relax in the meantime because they knew that their plants were being fed exactly the right nutrients, minerals and co-factors at exactly the right time. Not only was it much less labor-intensive but the scientifically designed slow-release tablets removed the element of human error.

What is really special about these nutrients is the ability to start off with the base nutrients and just add what you want from there.

At the time that Heavy Harvest was released, it was the best solution available to outdoor growers. Heavy Harvest was sprinkled throughout the garden every month or two and watered in. It slowly released nutrients into the dirt, thereby enriching the soil and feeding the plant. There were all kinds of cutting-edge elements in Heavy Harvest that would provide excellent plant growth, but no one-part nutrient solution has ever been able to provide everything a plant needs.

With the aid of our staff scientists, advancement in technology and state-of-the-art labs, Advanced Nutrients discovered the Jungle Juice line. The Jungle Juice line is a big win for Advanced Nutrients because it is the most affordable base nutrient they have ever released, but still maintains the quality you would expect from an Advanced Nutrients product.

But what’s the best part, you ask? The best part is that Jungle Juice is an entirely modular system that allows you to add our other building-block products to enhance your garden’s growth rates, defenses and overall health in exciting ways.

What is really special about these nutrients is the ability to start off with the base nutrients and just add what you want from there.

Jungle Juice started as a three-part Grow-Micro-Bloom formula. But Advanced has recently created a two-part version that allows more precision, and is fully compatible with the pH Perfect™ line of products, as well as all of the ancillary products Advanced Nutrients is famous for.

Jungle Juice 2-Part doesn’t quite compete with the highest-end products like Connoisseur, but it’s light-years ahead of the average glorified bottle of N-P-K. And the advantages Jungle Juice 2-Part has over even such highly developed products like Heavy Harvest are substantial. Plus, as a rule of thumb, the less control you have over your plants’ environment, the more important nutrients become to your harvest, so even slight improvements in nutrient technology give you big leverage come harvest time.


The foundation of Jungle Juice 2-Part is superior fundamentals.

It’s old news that the big three are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. With environmental elements like air and lighting dialed in, you can grow fiercely competitive harvests with just the right NPK alone.

But what makes for just the right NPK? Two things:

(1) the source


(2) chelation.

Advanced Nutrients has experienced success at the highest levels of growing competition, in large part because the company focuses on finding the best soils and environments around the world from which to source the major elements in their nutrients.

But an often overlooked reason the company’s nutrients perform so well is not the quality of the nutrients themselves, but highly effective delivery systems for those nutrients, the most prominent of which are chelates. Chelating an element is something like attaching a tiny molecular “hook” onto it so that it is easier for the plant to absorb. And every element in Jungle Juice 2-Part that can be chelated is chelated.

In addition, Jungle Juice 2-Part boasts precisely measured quantities of boron, cobalt, copper, molybdenum, manganese, iron, zinc and sulfur. These were all carefully chosen and tested based on the work of leading botanists around the world, whose work is published in peer-reviewed journals.

And since Jungle Juice 2-Part is so easy to use and measure, not to mention upgrade, the long-term benefits are well worth the extra bit of effort.

Finally, while Jungle Juice 2-Part does not include technology itself, it’s perfectly compatible with pH Perfect products. In other words, it is effectively pH-neutral. pH isn’t as much of a concern for outdoor growers because outdoor growing is mainly done in soil that naturally wants a higher pH (around 6.0 to 6.5). However, another feature of many AN products, the use of humic acids for increased nutrient uptake and delivery, helps to make sure that even if you have a little pH drift, your plants are still drinking it up.


If you compare Heavy Harvest to Jungle Juice 2-Part, Jungle Juice 2-Part will give you better results by a significant margin, all on its own. On the other hand, Jungle Juice 2-Part is a liquid formula, not a slow-release tablet, and is thus more labor-intensive because you will have to apply it more frequently.

Outdoor growers who do their best work in the summer months are going to take a hit here, especially if they’ve gotten used to adequate yields while only visiting their plants once every three to five weeks. But adequate isn’t what Advanced Nutrients is all about. And since Jungle Juice 2-Part is so easy to use and measure, not to mention upgrade, the long-term benefits are well worth the extra bit of effort.


The chief benefit of Jungle Juice 2-Part for outdoor growers isn’t actually the price. It’s the fact that Jungle Juice 2-Part is the foundation for an entirely modular system that allows you access to all the best that Advanced Nutrients has to offer. While Heavy Harvest was a stand-alone product, limited by what could fit into a single slow-release tablet, Jungle Juice 2-Part can work with the whole line of Advanced Nutrients supplements to grow plants that can compete on the world stage.

You’ll be able to enhance your garden vegetables in new and exciting ways previously unavailable with Heavy Harvest.

Big Bud® is a massive flower growth enhancer. It will swell fruits and veggies with a vengeance, and if you’re looking to win the county fair, Big Bud will give you every advantage.

Bud Candy is a carbohydrate supplement. It will help your plants produce essential oils to improve the taste and smell of your garden, and will maximize the effect of any beneficial bacteria present in your garden.

In your root zone, there’s an ongoing war between beneficial and harmful bacteria. The quality of your harvest is dependent on who wins the majority of those battles.

Tarantula and Piranha, when used together, are a one-two knockout punch of root zone inoculation and overall health. These two mixed together will cause huge root growth and will help your plants produce more flowering and fruiting nodes to increase overall yield, taste and smell.

I have personally done testing on a one-year-old tomato plants and seen the side-by-side comparison. The ones that I hit with this program had what looked like triple the flowering nodes compared to the ones I used a different cheap gardening nutrient on. If you are looking to yield more crop from fewer plants, you don’t want to miss this boat.

And lastly, Voodoo Juice will complete the puzzle in the root zone, with a final boost of 12 carefully chosen strains of beneficial bacteria.

As you can see, Jungle Juice 2-Part opens the door to a whole world of possibilities that were unavailable in slow-release tablets like Heavy Harvest.

Finally, you may be wondering why there are three different stand-alone products (Tarantula, Piranha and Voodoo Juice). The answer is to optimize the rhizosphere (aka microbial activity in the root zone). The rhizosphere is an extremely complicated environment, and it has taken Advanced Nutrients three different products to get everything dialed in and optimized. In your root zone, there’s an ongoing war between beneficial and harmful bacteria. The quality of your harvest is dependent on who wins the majority of those battles.

There are also several other products that you may want to incorporate this outdoor season. B-52 is a chill pill for anything stress-related that can happen to plants outdoors, such as wind, rain and bugs. It is a blanket of stress protection. You may also want to look into Rhino Skin to support your plant from excessive winds and strengthen cellular walls to support big fruiting branch weight. Lastly, sophisticated growers might look into Ancient Earth® to help plants streamline their efficiency with nutrient uptake.

Even with all of the customization available with Jungle Juice 2-Part, outdoor growers who have made Heavy Harvest a staple of their growing are sure to miss the “set it and forget it” tablets that make summer growing a sweat-free affair. But for the savings possible with Jungle Juice 2-Part, as well as the myriad upgrades and customized feeding schedule, this one’s a no-brainer. Besides, we can all use the exercise.

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