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What You Need to Know About Hydroponics Nutrients for Maximum Yield

Where do your hydroponics plants get their nutrients? Where do your hydroponics plants get their nutrients?

Where do hydroponics nutrients come from and how are they made? Stop and think about it, and you realize the answers to these questions are important to you as a hydroponics grower seeking maximum yield from your hydroponics urban garden.

Most of us are growing indoors using root zone media such as rockwool, coco coir, hydroton, sphagnum and other materials that don’t inherently contain the nutrients our hydroponics urban garden plants need for maximum yield.

Or we are using systems such as aeroponics and NFT that don’t have a solid root zone media. In all these hydroponics situations, and even in most soil gardens, we must add 14 essential elements to the root zone via water, or else our hydroponics plants cannot grow vigorously to give us maximum yield.

But for many of us, hydroponics nutrients are kind of a mystery. We put a lot of trust in them. In fact, you’ve probably found that nutrients are the main cause of success or failure in your hydroponics urban garden.

Given the obvious importance of hydroponics nutrients, why are they such a mystery? For one thing, most hydroponics nutrients manufacturers haven’t put a lot of time or money into figuring out the best source materials for their hydroponics nutrients.

Instead of doing lots of testing in all types of hydroponics gardening situations using the hydroponics plants you grow as test plants, they rely on old school nutrients materials, with maximizing profits by getting cheap materials being their biggest motivator.

If you use these kinds of hydroponics nutrients (and unfortunately these kinds of nutrients are the majority of brands at your hydroponics retail store) your hydroponics plants will have growth and yield problems.

You will see the symptoms in yellowing leaves, burnt ends of leaves, curling leaves, slow growth, spindly buds, and small yields.

You may also experience other problems, such as pH or ppm fluctuations. All in all, it’s important to realize that the source materials for your hydroponics nutrients, and how the materials are procured, tested and processed, is a big factor in whether or not you get maximum yield from your hydroponics urban garden.

But it isn’t just the source materials that determine how a manufacturer’s hydroponics nutrients will make the difference between maximum yield and poor yield.

It’s also whether the hydroponic nutrients manufacturer has done a thorough all-around analysis of the entire set of problems and opportunities that you as a hydroponics grower deal with.

Let’s face it, there are many strains of hydroponics plants, various kinds of root zone media, and a lot of different types of lighting, climate control and other factors that determine what are the best amounts and ratios of hydroponics nutrients elements.

Only when a hydroponics manufacturer is totally tuned in to your needs, along with your hydroponics plants, and combines that with dedication to using the best source materials, processing and manufacturing standards, can you be assured of getting the absolute best from your hydroponics urban garden.

The thing to do is ask your hydroponics retailer or the technical advisor for hydroponics nutrients manufacturers about the quality, research and design, testing, and source materials used by various hydroponics nutrients manufacturers. That way, you’ll find out where hydroponics nutrients come from and how they’re made, and you’ll get only the best nutrients that give you maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden.

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Your hydroponics urban garden needs fantastic 3-part nutrients if you’re going to get maximum yield.
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