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    We caught up with Michael at Royal Gold to hear about the company and their products. These guys are up to some cool stuff in the hydroponics business. Read on to get the goods straight from the horse’s mouth.
We all want a better crop. We look to improve yield and quality, but did you know that there’s a safe, organic way to increase essential oil production in your plants? That’s what the scientists at Terpinator have in mind.
In every issue of Rosebud Magazine, we catch up with an expert on the frontlines of the hydroponics industry. It’s a chance for our readers to take a look behind the scenes and learn a little bit more about what makes our grower community continue to thrive. This time around,…
Growers know the benefits that added CO2 will bring to your indoor hydroponic garden. Tanks are inefficient and CO2 burners can be difficult to set up. For growers who want an easy solution for adding CO2, we recommend the Enhancer from TNB Naturals. This all-organic CO2 generator can add up…
Successful gardeners who grow high-value plants understand the importance of an automated ventilation system. In order for any indoor garden to work, a ventilation system of some sort must be in place to bring in fresh air and to control temperature and humidity. 
Every indoor grower has done battle with disease. It can set you back a season or even worse. The hydroponics industry offers many solutions and preventions that can help battle pesky problems such as botrytis and powdery mildew, but there’s a novel technology making its way to North America that…
Lately, more and more people—growers, consumers, manufacturers and many others—are learning the value of organics. Growers are undoubtedly more wary of applying synthetic chemicals than we were a decade ago, and consumers increasingly prefer natural products. Well, there’s one company in the hydroponics community that was way ahead of the…
  All growers looking to set up a hydroponic system are confronted with the same looming question: what grow medium should I use? It is important to consider the type of hydroponic system the grower plans on using as some media are more compatible with certain systems than others. Before…
  If your socks weren’t already blown off by the staggering potential of hydroponics, you’d better hold on to your hat. Indoor gardening will soon arrive at a laptop near you, and it’s coming in the form of a Wi-Fi-enabled base station designed by engineers Amit Kumar and Michael Doherty…
  Air conditioners cool your grow with brute force. But they can come with a brutal energy bill. Many indoor growers are exploring the benefits of water chillers as a way to keep their crop cool and their costs down.

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