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Industry Gab: Conversation with Hydroponics Growing Experts on the Hydroponics Front Line Featured

Growonix is an innovative company providing the best to growers of all levels. Growonix is an innovative company providing the best to growers of all levels.


Hey growers, it’s time for our Industry Gab feature once again. This is where we sit down with a hydroponics expert to talk about some of the latest in the industry and what’s going on in the growing world. It’s an exclusive look at what some of our business’s top innovators are up to, and it’s exactly the type of content that you can only get from Rosebud Magazine and RosebudMag.com

This time around, we’re talking to Lain Winnicki, partner at Growonix.

RB: What are your current challenges?

Distribution is our biggest challenge. They seem to be such large entities, and the changes happen so slowly. They are tough to get in, tough to get your product moving throughout their systems and even tougher to get solid lines of communication going through their channels. I wish there was another way.

RB: Where do you see the hydroponic industry going in the next five years?

I see sales reps going rogue, representing more than one company. I see this developing into rep firms. This way sales reps can change their products for the different areas. What I see now is a lot of companies are laying off a lot of their salespeople, and they are calling us saying, “Can I rep you?” They are trying to keep their contacts and select some good products to sell. I’ve talked to a lot of people who are going down that route.

RB: What is the oddest request you’ve been asked?

A guy from Northern California called up a couple of weeks ago and offered to pay for gas, party us out and cook for us if we would come set up a custom water system for him. All this to help to ensure that his next crop would not fail. We are still thinking about his offer.

GROWONIX | www.growonix.com | (888) 406-2521

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Lain breaks down what makes Growonix so awesome.
Last modified on Tuesday, 23 October 2012 03:48

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