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Hydroponics Grow Room Reflective Material for Bigger Yields

Give your hydroponics plants the brilliant light of a primo diamond! Give your hydroponics plants the brilliant light of a primo diamond!

Your hydroponics plants love light, but in most grow rooms, light is provided via a top-down method that sends a lot of light to the top of your plants with not much hitting underneath and inside the canopy where most of your flowers and leaves are.

Until recent advances in grow room design  and materials technology, growers believed that flat white paint, Mylar, aluminum foil, white poly, Foylon, various insulating foams, industrial backing with a reflective coating, or other materials would work well enough to reflect light off walls and ceilings back onto plants.

Problem is, these materials all have their own unique practicality problems that take away from their ability to reflect light. Some are hard to set up. Others will off-gas toxics into your plants. Some will make noise when your aeration system is on. Worse yet, many of these just don’t reflect as much light as you want them to.

When you take a light meter and check the under-canopy, corners and sides of most grow rooms compared to the areas just under the grow lights, you find wildly divergent differences in light intensity and distribution.

Fortunately, some companies have specialized in testing, designing and manufacturing horticultural reflective materials with your hydroponics garden in mind. Nowadays it’s a lot easier for you to get massive distribution of light to more parts of your plants.

Among the premier companies in this hydroponics reflective product niche is Easy Grow, based in the United Kingdom, but distributing worldwide an impressive line of hydroponics reflective materials.

One of my fave Easy Grow products is the Silver Lightite Diamond Diffusion foil. Its surface is dimpled to reflect more light. Internally, it’s fortified by pure aluminum. This creates an enhanced electromagnetic barrier for your grow room so radio frequencies, other electromagnetic tracers and infrared wavelengths are less likely to escape your grow room. This is important because these leakages are security risks for your hydroponics garden.

When I used to use Mylar in my grow rooms I found it had a decent amount of reflectivity (more than most other things that growers use in their rooms), but it also had some big problems that made it costly and not fun to use. For one thing, it ripped too easily. Also, it would pick up dirt and smudges, and it tended to crease and bunch up. It was hard to attach to walls without ruining the walls.

Easy Grow reflective foils and sheets are thick, sturdy and resilient enough to bounce back smooth and shiny after I move them or store them. The Easy Grow products are coated with something that makes them resist scuffs, retain reflectivity, and resist corrosion. These Easy Grow products are called “lightite” for a reason- they totally block light, which is another added security benefit for privacy and also for not allowing stray light to contaminate your flowering crops and screw up their bloom cycle.

Although I have been unable to test all the Easy Grow products, the company has an intriguing claim for its Silver White Lightite sheeting. It says that the material is light spectrum enhanced and gives higher yields. I take this to mean that not only do you get higher yields because more light gets to your plants, but also that more of the right wavelength of light gets to your plants.

Light wavelength enhancement is a bold new terrain for the hydroponics lighting industry. It means that your plants don’t just respond to light intensity, they respond to different light wavelengths the same way they respond to different individual nutrients in a hydroponics fertilizer formula.

You’ve probably seen this explained in regards to the latest models of LED lighting. They’re engineered to generate intense light in the wavelengths that your plants use for metabolic processes that result in larger, higher-potency yields. Many HID and old school LED units generate light, but not in the spectrums that your plants really want. They look bright, but they’re still not right for your plants.

LED lighting and reflective Easy Grow foil = bigger yields

If my interpretation of Easy Grow’s product claim is accurate, it’s cool to have a hydroponics reflective material that’s also engineered to feed ideal the ideal light spectrum to your plants.

Easy Grow is a United Kingdom company but their products are distributed in the US, so ask your retailer or visit them online. Hydroponics lighting and electricity are one of your biggest investments. When you use products such as those made by Easy Grow, you get more yield per watt, which is what hydroponics is all about.

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