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New Hydroponics Digital Ballast and Lighting Reflector for Urban Garden Maximum Yield

You remove heat while transferring more light to your hydroponics urban garden plants- so you get maximum yield! You remove heat while transferring more light to your hydroponics urban garden plants- so you get maximum yield!

One thing you’re certain about is that your hydroponics urban garden plants love lots of light and lots of light is what fuels their photosynthesis to give you maximum yield.

And while it’s true that you have more choices than ever before when it comes to your hydroponics urban garden lighting, the most productive hydroponics lighting choice is still high intensity lighting provided by metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs.

The basic hardware you need to ensure maximum yield light intensity are a ballast, bulb, and a reflector that directs the bulb’s light to your plants.

But beyond the basics is where you make the most of your lighting investment, and it starts with getting yourself the safer, more reliable, more electricity-efficient, quieter and better-engineered new generation of digital ballasts.

When you use the new types of digital ballasts, you get vastly more hydroponics lighting flexibility, you save money on electricity and bulbs, your hydroponics plants get more light for maximum yield, and you reduce radio frequency interference and other risk associated with old school core and coil ballasts.

Along with that way to modernize your hydroponics lighting gear, you get electrical controllers like those made by Powerbox that work to keep your hydroponics lighting and other electrical gear protected from harm and safer to operate.

Not only that, you can get the latest bulb technologies that have a light spectrum better suited for your hydroponics urban garden plants, with the added plus of longer bulb life and increased light intensity.

Another upgraded piece of hydroponics lighting hardware is the reflector itself: that all-important unit that houses your bulb.

What’s happened is that physics, engineering and plant science are combined to create a new kind of high intensity hydroponics lighting reflector that outperforms all the reflectors you’ve ever used before. This reflector is called the Melonhead, and it boldly goes where no reflector has gone before.

One reason it outperforms previous reflectors is that it’s more reflective on the inside, where it counts. More light bounces off the inside of the reflector from your bulb to your plants, so you get faster growth and maximum yield in your urban garden.

The good news is that more light reaches your plants, but less heat. Most reflectors do a pretty poor job of evenly distributing light while removing the massive heat generated by high intensity hydroponics lighting bulbs.

But the Melonhead reflector encases your bulb in a clear, tempered, gasket-sealed glass tube connected to an eight-inch diameter port for super-efficient air cooling and venting of your hydroponics lighting.

The glass tube sends more light to your plants any regular reflector and more than other air-cooled reflector tube units while giving you the means to quickly remove all that heat so your grow room is easier to maintain at ideal temperatures so your hydroponics urban garden plants give you maximum yield. Your hydroponics plants grow better- and you save less on air conditioning!

Learn how hydroponics lighting digital ballasts and air-cooled reflectors help give you a safer hydroponics urban garden for maximum yield.

With superior reflective material, rock solid construction, clearer and stronger glass, and a hydroponics-tested profile that maximizes light intensity and plant canopy penetration, the Melonhead reflector enables proven higher rates of maximum yield and growth.

Now is the time to upgrade your hydroponics lighting technology so you get maximum yield in your urban garden, and when you’ve installed the Melonhead air-cooled reflector and seen the money-saving, profit-boosting benefits it gives, you’ll be glad you got yourself the latest in hydroponics gear that pays off every harvest.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 09 October 2012 10:09

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