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One thing you’re certain about is that your hydroponics urban garden plants love lots of light and lots of light is what fuels their photosynthesis to give you maximum yield. And while it’s true that you have more choices than ever before when it comes to your hydroponics urban garden…
When you’re looking to boost your hydroponics urban garden maximum yield, you definitely want to increase the amount of carbon dioxide (C02) that your plants take in from the atmosphere through their leaves. And you want to do it safely, easily, and with the lowest cost possible.
With more and more general hydroponics growers using cloning and the sea of green method to get maximum yield in their hydroponics urban garden, it’s useful for us to look at root shooters, rooting plugs, rapid rooter, and other products used to stick cuttings in for hydroponics urban garden root…
Summer’s on the way and you’re probably one of many hydroponics growers seeking maximum yield in your hydroponics urban garden while still enjoying fun in the sun.
Rockwool is a sweet substrate for your hydroponics urban garden roots that can give you maximum yield and easy use. I refer to rockwool as the “cotton candy” of hydroponics substrates because it’s spun into an airy, wooly mass from molten basalt in a way similar to how cotton candy…
Hydroponics gardening is often a process where you select favorite plants as motherplants that you keep in perpetual veg phase so you take cuttings that give you wave after wave of hydroponics yields in what’s called a “sea of green” garden.You call it sea of green because instead of a…
Have you wanted to upgrade the productivity and convenience of your hydroponics gardening systems so you get bigger harvests with less time and effort? Wondering if you can get easier hydroponics equipment, hydroponic supplies and hydroponic gardening infrastructure? If you’re like most growers, the answer is a ear-shattering “YES!”
You know water is essential to your hydroponics plants, but you may not realize that most tap water and well water in North America is polluted and bad for you to use when you grow your hydroponics plants. Bad water poisons your plants, kills beneficial root zone microbes, makes your…
Your hydroponics plants grow from their roots foundation, and that’s why I’m taking the unusual step of recommending some specific hydroponics nutrients and supplies so your hydroponics garden gets the benefits of stronger roots today. The idea for me sharing this important information with you came when I was contacted…
Clone machines and automated aeroponics hydroponics cloning are a big hit in indoor gardens, and it’s easy to see why cloning machines are gaining in popularity. When I first started as a hydroponics gardener 35 years ago, cloning was hardly heard of and it was a hit or miss affair.

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