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Is Buying Organic Really Enough to Protect Your Family?

  • Written by  Fran Simmons
Does organic food protect your children? Does organic food protect your children?

On a sweet afternoon, I watch my children and husband horsing around in our back yard. Hearing their laughter, I’m feeling especially grateful for life’s blessings.

Later, my husband and I stand quietly gazing at our children asleep in their beds. It always seems miraculous to me that two people can fall in love, choose to create new human beings, and see a family grow, just like a garden.

And with our choice to create a family came the sacred obligation to try to do what’s best for our children. 

When my husband and I decided we would start a family, I knew my body would be the environment and the “manufacturer” for our future babies, so I worked hard to cleanse and strengthen myself.

I ate health foods, drank purified water, avoided all vices, and exercised.

Discover What Happened When One Mom Dug Deeper Into Her Family’s Organic Food Supply

During my pregnancies, I was fortunate to have the help of a nutritionist. We crafted a specialized 100% organic diet perfectly tuned to feed the life growing inside me.

After my children were born, I continued eating organic food so my breast milk would transfer nothing but wholesome natural nutrition to my babies.

I purchased ALL my food and household supplies at the local health store, except that during summer and fall I’d buy organic bread, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables at a farmer’s market and through community-supported agriculture (CSA).

If you’re guessing I haven’t been in a regular grocery store or big box store in years, you’re right.

Keeping my family healthy is the main motivator for these efforts.  I also like knowing my choices are supporting organic agriculture, health stores, and local farmers.

But then somebody showed me a shocking chart that outlined how large corporations dominate the organic food market and the agencies that are supposed to ensure that organic food is in fact organic.

I was very upset when I learned that most “organic” foods sold in grocery stores and health stores may contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides, herbicides and additives!

What really shocked me is that almost all the “natural” and “organic” name brands I’d come to love (such as Odwalla, Kashi, Honest Tea, Back to Nature) are owned by industrial food companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft, and Kellogg.

Sorry if I sound like a skeptic, but I just don’t trust those corporations, and even though I’d diligently read product labels, what I didn’t know is that these products weren’t organic in the way I’d thought them to be.

Some of them weren’t organic at all!

With their enormous corporate and political clout, these food corporations have convinced lawmakers to weaken the statutory definition of what’s “organic.” Many of those expensive health store foods I thought were pure and safe, are anything but.

So what’s a mother to do? It was relatively easy for me to stop buying corporate-produced grains, cereals, soups and juices, and replace them with healthier alternatives.

But during the winter and spring I found it almost impossible to source 100% organic fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

That’s when I turned to hydroponics micro-gardening.

As is my way, I first bought books, talked to experts and did research on the Internet.  Then my husband and I invested in a simple ebb and flow system, auto-pH balancing hydroponics nutrients made without GMOs, a very bright 400 watt gardening light, and veggie seeds perfect for hydroponics.

I also got dwarf citrus trees that grow indoors.

At first, my friends would wink at me and say, “Oh wow, Frannie’s gotten into indoor gardening.”

And I’d respond, “It’s not that kind of gardening, silly. It’s food.”

Now I have an outdoor and an indoor garden, fruit trees that will (hopefully) start yielding fruit next year, and I’m purchasing authentic health food made by real people, not by large generic food corporations.

Our food is now tastier and fresher, my family and I feel better, and our food bill is lower, even including the costs of doing our own hydroponics and outdoor gardening.

Is it all worth it? Ask my husband and I when we’re standing quietly in the evening watching our loved ones sleep. You’ll have all the answer you need.

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