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Avoid hydroponics robbery Avoid hydroponics robbery

Tens of thousands of hydroponics growers are concerned about what they learned in the “You’re Being Robbed” article detailing how hydroponics nutrients label police and hydroponics industry monopolists are harming growers. I’ve been contacted by people who want more information about why the article boldly calls out General Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply and their allies such as Hydrofarm. I think the article explains itself well, but here’s even more information that helps you save money, and your hydroponics crops.

Most manufacturers don’t make or package those products properly so the stuff is often expired on the shelf.

Let’s focus on the shelf life and quality of hydroponics nutrients and equipment, as well as on how hydroponics manufacturers and retailers respond to growers’ questions and product concerns.

The easiest way of explaining it is to tell you what happens too much- growers go to hydroponics stores and buy hydroponics nutrients that have been sitting on the shelves too long, or hydroponics nutrients that weren’t manufactured right in the first place.

This often happens with the more perishable hydroponics products- such as beneficial microbes, enzymes and organics. Most manufacturers don’t make or package those products properly so the stuff is often expired on the shelf.

But it happens even with hydroponics base nutrients. Before I started exclusively using Advanced Nutrients I used General Hydroponics or Botanicare base nutrients. I stopped using General Hydroponics and Botanicare because I could see nutrient elements precipitating out of solution, even when I just opened the damn bottles for the first time, or other problems such as weird fluctuations in pH and PPM, and plant growth problems that I couldn’t figure out no matter how hard I tried.

When I called General Hydroponics and Botanicare it was impossible to get a technical advisor who actually cared. Botanicare told me I had to use Cal-Mag with their base fertilizer. Why, I asked, isn’t there enough calcium and magnesium in your base fertilizer? They hung up on me.

When I went back to the hydroponics store with bottles of General Hydroponics or Botanicare and showed the manager the little chunks of stuff in the liquids, he said not to worry about it and besides General Hydroponics or Botanicare aren't about to give me my money back so I might as well use the stuff since I paid for it.

Well I did use it and my crops had nitrogen, sulfur and iron deficiencies. They actually did me a favor because that is when I discovered Advanced Nutrients. I was glad to have a better alternative.

In general, what I noticed from problems with Sunlight Supply reflectors and other gear, as well as General Hydroponics, Hydrofarm, Botanicare and similar hydroponics companies, is that always pleasing the customer and making incredible products for medical growers is not at all their main goal.

Their main goal is to make a ton of money. Nothing wrong with that if you do it by providing incredible hydroponics products and hydroponics technical support. But to make crappy products that hurt hydroponics plants and then have a bad attitude towards customer service and product guarantees, that sucks big time.

Now of course some people will say what do you expect from Chris Jefferson- he works for Advanced Nutrients so he will tell you the these things about Sunlight Supply, Botanicare, Hydrofarm and General Hydroponics.

My response is first of all, the things I am telling you are true. Secondly, the reason I work for Advanced Nutrients is because I have been a hydroponics grower for many years and I now use Advanced Nutrients because Advanced delivers the goods.

When I started using Advanced Nutrients I got better crops. And when I contacted Advanced Nutrients to tell them thanks, they were friendly and professional and eventually asked me do I want to write about hydroponics for them.

Would I tell you bad things about Advanced Nutrients if there were bad things to tell? Of course I would. For example, I told people about problems with Monkey Juice, an Advanced coco coir base fertilizer.

Other hydroponics companies have problem nutrients but they just keep on selling them to you and it costs you time and money.

How Advanced Nutrients reacted to that indicates how they are different and better than Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Hydrofarm, Sunlight Supply kind of companies: Advanced Nutrients changed the Monkey Juice product, tested it over and over, and eventually yanked it. Other hydroponics companies make hydroponics nutrients that have problems, but they just keep on selling them to you and it costs you time and money.

So anyways, read the You’re Being Robbed article again, or for the first time, and add to it what I have reported to you here about Sunlight Supply, Botanicare, Hydrofarm, General Hydroponics and others. Ask your hydroponics retailer about shelf life and expiration dates of hydroponics formulas. I want you going in your grow room every day and jumping for joy seeing the big, fat healthy flowers you’re growing!

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Some hydroponics companies just ain’t right.
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