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Outdoor Hydroponics: Transplanting Indoor Hydroponics Plants Outdoors

Heavy Harvest is the only hydroponics outdoor fertilizer! Heavy Harvest is the only hydroponics outdoor fertilizer!

Hey growers, the last time I wrote about outdoor growing I advised you to get ready for your high-yielding outdoor season by starting hydroponics plants indoors at least one month before it’s weather-safe to move them outdoors. Outdoor hydroponics growing becomes a reality when you’re transplanting hydroponics plants outdoors, but you don’t do that until all danger of frost and snow has passed.

When you sprouted or cloned your indoor hydroponics plants a month before you want to put them outdoors, you gave yourself a head start on your outdoor season. Your plants have time to develop strong roots, sturdy stalks and dense branching before you put them into the rugged outdoor hydroponics world. And you made sure to gradually accustom your indoor hydroponics plants to the bright outdoor sun because you know indoor plants aren’t used to the sun’s intensity.

Many growers contacted me after the last outdoor hydroponics article and asked for tips on selecting an outdoor grow site. You need a site with easy accessibility for you…and a total lack of accessibility for everybody else!

The best outdoor hydroponics site I ever saw was in Australia where tough Aussies had tunneled their way into a massive patch of thorn bushes, popped up in the middle of the patch, cleared a space, and grew their plants in total safety.

Before you make a final decision about an outdoor growing site, anonymously call people in the know about hunting, fishing, mountain biking, dirt biking, logging, mining, hiking, ORV’s or other outdoorsy activities in the area where your potential site is located. Scouting a site during one time of the year might not be a good indicator of usage later on.You want to make sure your potential garden will be in seclusion from spring until late autumn.

Some outdoor growers need to learn to be more respectful of the environment.
When you’ve chosen a site, your prep should include clearing enough space so your plants are guaranteed to get at least five hours of direct sunlight every day from start to finish, but please don’t do this by killing trees. Some outdoor growers need to learn to be more respectful of the environment.

You also have to figure out how your plants are going to get enough water. Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in a place with consistent rainfall of at least two inches per week throughout the growing season. Probably not…

If not, you’ve got a couple of choices: irrigate, or carry water in, or both. If you choose irrigation, your scouting includes looking for a reliable lake, river or creek that you can run lines from. If you choose to carry water in, you increase your workload. Maybe you’ll bring in a large water reservoir and harvest rainwater. It pays to think of all this long in advance.

Also in advance, or at least before planting, you want to prep the soil. The most professional outdoor grower I know is a muscleman who carries bales of Sunshine Mix #4 to his grow site, mixes in some guano, water-holding crystals, and Heavy Harvest outdoor specialty fertilizer, digs holes, fills huge garbage bags with the soil mix, puts them in the holes, and then he’s transplanting his indoor hydroponics plants outdoors. He waters them in with Rhino Skin, B52 and beneficial microbes to give them a nice launch.

Outdoor hydroponics means you control feeding and watering instead of sticking plants into holes in the ground in April and then coming back in October to see if any of them survived. From transplanting indoor plants outdoors to monitoring your outdoor site to make sure its safe from human and animal predators, you try to at least partially control the game. If the gods are with you and you plan well, plants the size of trees, and truckloads of fine harvest bounty will be your happy result. Check out Heavy Harvest, read the outdoor grow articles in Rosebud print magazine, and take advantage of the great outdoors this growing season.

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Outdoor hydroponics for Hugealicious Yields
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