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The best way to max the yield and quality potential of your hydroponics plants is to pour on as much hydroponics nutrients as they can handle without burning, right?
A young hydroponics grower wrote me saying his generation isn’t into reading. He wants me to put more videos in my articles. I wrote him back saying I would look for the maximum yield hydroponics videos and embed them here on RosebudMag.com.
Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life was simple? Especially hydroponics growing. If growing was simple, we could just plug and play and watch our hydroponics plants grow on autopilot.
When comedian/activist/actor Joe Rogan said on his recent podcast (Joe Rogan Experience, #132) that dedicated gardeners personally bond with their plants, he and his podcast posse were hilariously funny, and accurate, about the wild and crazy world of hydroponics gardening. Rogan really nailed it when it comes to how we…
If you want total predictability and control in your hydroponics gardening, you go for rockwool, aeroponics, hydroton, NFT or a similar root zone strategy that provides you a neutral root zone. Only in that neutral situation using reverse osmosis water can you be 100% sure what hydroponics nutrients elements your…
In part one of our discussion about diseases, viruses and other pathogens that attack your hydroponics plants, we talked about monitoring your leaves and your plants’ vigor for early detection of problems. We also pointed out that we often assume that leaf or vigor problems are caused by issues related…
The drought, extreme heat and fires of summer 2011 are creating crazy problems for hydroponics and remote outdoor gardeners. People try to argue about global warming and climate change, who or what is causing it…but who argues that this isn’t one hell of a hot summer? Let’s take a look…
We all know that our hydroponics plants’ leaves give us signals about whether our plants are healthy or not. When we see leaves that are emerald green, uniform in color, upright, and free of splotches, discolorations, ragged edges, insect pests and other defects, we can be pretty sure that our…
In Part 1 and Part 2 of my series on hydroponics roots, we noted that hydroponics roots are the foundation of your crops, and there are a troublingly high number of root problems that can stunt hydroponics plant growth, decrease yields and even kill your hydroponics plants! In the previous…
In a previous article on hydroponics roots, we noted that because roots are out of sight, they are also out of mind for many hydroponics growers…and this is dangerous.

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