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Hydroponics roots are the unseen foundation for your plants but too many hydroponics growers neglect them. You’ll see hydroponics growers paying attention to hydroponics nutrients, grow room climate control, pH, ppm, hydroponics lighting, plant genetics and so many other factors…but not paying attention to hydroponics roots at all.
Summer is sizzling, and you know what that means for you as a hydroponics grower: too much heat! Your hydroponics plants want ambient air temperatures around 74F. Their roots best intake water and nutrients if the root zone is 68F. But in a closed grow room indoors, with hydroponics lighting…
In our previous article on water and hydroponics, we discussed the sad fact that most water is polluted with chloramines, heavy metals, harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Some water comes with onboard magnesium and/or calcium, and this might be useful for your hydroponics plants. But most water just isn’t pure…
Many hydroponics growers ask me about water, and it’s easy to see why. Without water, your hydroponics plants die. Without water, you can’t deliver nutrients into your plants. No wonder hydroponics growers are concerned about water quality.
I love growing outdoors but I live in a place where temperatures and humidity from May through October are too extreme for high-value hydroponics plants. And yeah, I was one of those growers who doubted that conditions could get too hot for my plants…until I saw twisted, brown leaves and…
In the previous outdoor growing article in this series, we talked about site security and plant security. You found out how to use security cameras, fences, predator repellent, sprays, foggers and other tactics so you protect your valuable outdoor plants.
Outdoor growing offers you many benefits, including the blazing sun, oceans of CO2-laden fresh air, cost savings, and the potential for your plants to grow as big as trees! But you also have to fight outdoor pests and predators that want to harm your plants. So read this article and…
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the mother’s milk for your hydroponics plants…even though CO2 can kill you, your plants crave it for photosynthesis that keeps all their life processes going. If you’re doing everything else right in your hydroponics room but you aren’t adding CO2, you’re missing out on an easy…
Large, succulent and bushy…that’s what turns hydroponics growers on more and more lately. In the ebb and flow of what’s popular with growers who want to keep plant numbers down, less is more. Bigger is better.
Hydroponics indoor growers try hard to get the largest and most valuable harvests, and you know how it feels to wonder if there are things you could be doing, or should not be doing, so that you can get maximum yield. Here are some of the easiest and most important…

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