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Used to be when you wanted to get serious about hydroponics gardening, you had to build a grow room from the ground up. Finding lighting, air conditioning, electricals, pumps, timers, C02 burners, irrigation systems, reflective materials, reflectors, fans, odor control and other hydroponics gear takes a long time and a…
Harvesting is the payoff moment of your hydroponics gardening season, and we’ve been giving you harvesting tips that are timely and timeless. Be sure to check out Rosebud Magazine (the print version) for harvest information we don’t have room for here.
The more things change, the more they stay the same, except in the world of hydroponics.That’s how I felt when I heard that major hydroponics manufacturer-distributors like Hydrofarm abandoned their loyalty to growers and hydroponics retailers by selling hydroponics equipment at Kmart and Sears instead of only selling via hydroponics…
Finding a perfect place to live and grow is always a challenge, especially if you’re a renter, but when you’re a hydroponics gardener looking to run a grow room wherever you choose to live, you have to be extra careful and choosy. First of all, with the housing market collapsed,…
I had a conversation with a hydroponics grower who was offended after seeing a video that criticized using the best base nutrients and supplements to get the biggest yields in your hydroponics garden. If you analyze the video, it was apparently made by an anonymous, amateurish and annoyingly smarmy clandestine…
Your hydroponics urban garden is probably the most important part of your life other than your lover, friends and family. But when you talk to a lot of hydroponics growers you see common mistakes they can fix so they get the maximum yield they seek, with less cost and fuss.…
When you’re a hobbyist or expert hydroponics gardener, perhaps running a hydroponics urban garden in a small room but still wanting to get maximum yield, you might sometimes be puzzled by general hydroponics terminology that you hear growers use or see in magazines. So I decided to provide a general…
Bodybuilders know something that hydroponics growers can use…and it’s a proven way for you to bulk up your urban garden plants so they break the scales for maximum yield and quality.
When you’re dreaming of bigger, better, more profitable harvests, you want primo hydroponics information so your urban garden gives you maximum yield and enjoyment. But where do you go for that reliable, cutting edge hydroponics information?
Your hydroponics urban garden benefits from added C02 to give you maximum yield, but many hydroponics growers don’t realize that C02 benefits hydroponic plants because it provides oxygen along with carbon for increased photosynthesis.What’s more, your urban garden hydroponics plants need to intake significant quantities of oxygen through their roots.

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