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  The single most important factor affecting nutrient uptake in a hydroponic system is a consistent pH. In fact, maintaining a consistent pH within the desired pH range determines whether or not nutrients will even be available for absorption.
  Many people know sphagnum moss as the pretty lining to a forest floor, but it is also a powerful medium in hydroponic gardening. Organic and wild-harvested, moss holds a special place among eco-friendly producers looking to outfit their operation with more natural components.
  Indoor horticulturists are no strangers to the importance of pure water. After all, high-value plants, just like humans, are mainly made up of water. Water is the most precious resource we have on this planet. This imperative substance is also a vital resource to the indoor horticulturist.
  Pests include all insects and animals that interfere with the growth and health of plants. Approximately 10,000 species of insects cause huge crop losses worldwide. In fact, pest damage is responsible for about a 30% loss in crops around the world. Given the fact that nearly a third of…
  No products are more crucial to the progression of the indoor horticultural industry than innovative lighting technologies. The light energy in any indoor garden is the driving force that makes all plant functions possible.
  Getting your gear into your location is a challenge. By definition, payloads are very hard to move around without being seen. And you don’t want undesirables to see you going in or out of your outback grow. Nothing ages you faster than wondering if some stranger may have observed…
  Check out these tips for planning your outdoor grow. This is a good one to bookmark and check back in on year after year. No reason to lose a whole season’s work when an expert’s got your covered.
  Growers love to tell horror stories of crops gone wrong. These are some of the worst we’ve ever heard. Don’t learn from your mistakes. Learn from these instead.
  Each essential element plays a vital role in plant health and development. Most indoor horticulturists come to understand N-P-K and how its value can affect their gardens, but many may not fully comprehend the roles played by the other essential elements.
  Believe it or not, one of the hardest areas to master within an indoor grow room is propagation. Whether starting from seed or clone, it is difficult for many growers of high-value plants to produce consistent results.

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