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  There’s an increasingly popular trend of tinkering with your plants’ photoperiod in order to trigger the flowering process out of season. The benefits are obvious: You get precocious amounts of flowers whenever you please and you get them more times per year than is possible using a natural light…
  In last week’s article, Indoor Garden Root Diseases: Part 1, I discussed two of the more common root diseases found in an indoor garden, pythium and rhizoctonia. There are a few other root diseases that can quickly cause distress for a grower of high-value plants.
  For the organic purist, soil is much more than plain dirt. Soil is the life-sustaining substance that is instrumental in stimulating growth and promoting abundant yields. Many outdoor organic growers have a heightened knowledge of individual organic substances, which allows them to tailor their soils to the specific needs…
  There are a slew of problems that a grower of high-value plants may encounter in an indoor garden at any given time. People who think indoor horticulture is easy underestimate the amount of time, effort, and knowledge that goes into a smoothly operating grow room.
  Here are a few simple and practical steps you can take in creating an organic-chemical culture for better cropping:
  The idea of organic growing is an exciting one. Think about it: Billions of years of evolution have created a complex symbiotic relationship between plants and their microbes as well as between nitrogen-fixing bacteria, bacteria that colonize root masses and the antibiotic-producing bacteria that fend off an array of…
  Pest insects are a burden on any indoor garden but are particularly troubling for growers of high-value crops. If not controlled quickly, pest insect populations can grow exponentially, as does the damage they unleash on an otherwise healthy indoor garden.
  Vibrant blooms and bountiful yields are the goals of every indoor horticulturalist. In order to continually achieve this, growers must give adequate attention to all stages of their plants’ growth. Growers with perpetual indoor gardens of high-value crops need to master their propagation stage to ensure they are continually…
  Plant manipulation contributes to the success of an indoor garden just as much as any of the countless other areas that growers of high-value crops have to master. Plant manipulation techniques are one area that can dramatically increase yield while costing the grower very little money. In order to…
  The outdoor growing season offers a lot of promise. Unlimited planting space, a free source of intense light, lots of air circulation, and, best of all, Mother Nature can help you achieve the garden you’ve always dreamed of. While this time of year offers great potential, it doesn’t automatically…

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