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  They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. There’s also more than one way to dry a crop. Here is some food for thought when debating how to handle your prized harvest:
  Like every other step in the growing process, harvesting is all about precision. Follow these tips to get the most from your finished crop.
  Successful hydroponics growers tend to be many things—hard workers, risk takers, individualists. In addition to these things, a prosperous grower must also be a warrior. No, I’m not promoting violence per se, but sooner or later, every grower has to go to battle against the enemies of indoor hydroponics…
  Achieving the perfect crop is determined even before you transplant. It all starts with an attitude and the desire to achieve cropping perfection, no matter where your current growing skill level may reside.
  You want your hydroponics plants safe from pests, diseases and other biological attackers. In this issue of Rosebud, you’ll discover how to make your grow room into a fortress that protects your plants. You’ll also learn how to use safe, non-toxic “integrated pest management” methods to defeat pests and…
  Microbial teas have a long standing in agricultural history. Some of the first fertilizer solutions were brewed by soaking manures or other organic matter in a burlap sack in a barrel of water. After soaking for several days, this “tea” was then watered into the soil for plants to…
  The quality of urban cultivated produce, both indoors and out, is directly reflected in both the experience and the dedication of the grower who produced it. Crop diseases are a reality, and weakened plant health can lower yields and diminish harvest quality.
  At Rosebud Magazine, we know our readers are the industrious type. Some of us prefer to try our hand at building our own equipment, and besides, it’s just fun to get out there and make something useful. In issue 23 of Rosebud Magazine we decided to tackle a fun…
  Whether you’re a hobbyist or a high-level commercial grower, no doubt you want the best crop you can get. Well, it may sound cliché, but organization is key. I like to keep a concise checklist taped to the door of my grow room. On it are these ten things…
  Whether you’re a prolific outdoor grower wanting to experiment with an effective but natural insecticide, or a curious indoor grower searching for a new fruitful crop, you need look no further than the diverse seed varieties of India to find new and exciting things to grow. The large country’s…

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