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The Inner Workings of a Hydroponic Store

The scene at your typical hydro store. The scene at your typical hydro store. Illustration By Chris Bullock

Hey growers, here are some tips for navigating your local hydroponics store. Enjoy!

1 Lighting Section

Educate yourself about the different types of lighting that are available. Your hydro shop can help you narrow it down once you decide for yourself what you want; make sure to ask about warranties and replacements.

2 Growing Mediums

Pick something proven, stable and consistent that works with a variety of nutes and additives. Pros add their own nutes; the growing medium anchors the plants. Avoid heavily fertilized grow mixes.

3 Base Nutes (fertilizers)

Going with a proven program, where all the components are guaranteed to work together, is always a good choice here. Look for base nutrients that are engineered for application on the types of plants that you are growing. The ratios of the different elements supplied are very important.

4 Organics Section

Growing 100% organic is a great way to enhance crop quality, improve your health and put less of a dent into the earth. Make sure that your nutrient program choice is complete and doesn’t leave your plants lacking for any specific nutrients like calcium and magnesium.

5 Fans & Ventilation

Without a fan, humidity and heat levels will rise way past optimal. This is essential gear if you grow with HID lights. Air also needs to stay stirred and moving freely through plant leaves. Don’t forget, plants take in CO2, an essential nutrient, through its leaves.

6 Hydroponic System Section

A pre-fab hydroponic system can save you time and labor because it can be automated with relative ease. That means less often that you will have to rush away from your best girl’s house to go water your other ladies.

7 Controller and Burners

Reliability, compatibility, expandability and ease of use are the key areas you want to select from when thinking about a single control or an entire grow room management system. Today you can even control your grow remotely with networked technology!

8 The Cash Register/Sales Counter

While making bigger purchases or being a steady customer might give you a discount, don’t grind too hard on price if you get a lot of value from the growing information that staff and ownership provide you.

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Hopefully our list ensures you don’t look this clueless when shopping.
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