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Using General Hydroponics Three-Part Hydroponics Nutrients

Changing your hydroponics nutrients for the better Changing your hydroponics nutrients for the better

My buddy Hank is one of those guys who is slow to change and stays with what he knows. I’m sure you know people like him. They’ve had the same car, or clothes, or computer, or love affair until things are near worn out, even if it’s not working so well for them. It’s not that they’re trying to save money or are satisfied with what they have so much as they’re afraid to change. Well Hank was like that with his General Hydroponics three-part hydroponics nutrients. He’d complain about them, but when I suggested he try new nutrients, he’d go ballistic…

“I been using these for ten years and I don’t want to have to change now because then I will have to learn a whole new thing and how the heck do I know it will be any better,” he said.

“But Hank,” I replied, “you’re always telling me how the General Hydroponics goes up and down in parts per million and pH even though you mix it the same way in the same water.”

He pauses for a minute, and then he says, “Yeah but at least I know the problems and I can do something about it.”

I ask him what he does. He explains that he undermixes the nutrients because he’s afraid if he mixes them according to label instructions he’s going to burn his plants. And he spends a lot of time with two pH meters calibrating them and taking readings when he first mixes his General Hydroponics three-part hydroponics nutrients and then an hour later and then an hour after that because he has seen in the past that over some hours the pH will gradually shift and so will the parts per million.

“You’ve seen my plants; they’re not that bad.” He says this with a defensive tone in his voice, like he’s daring me to say something bad about his hydroponics growing skills. I have to consider my words carefully.

“Well, Hank, I gotta tell you in all honesty, I worry about your plants just like you do,” I said. “You yourself have told me about all these General Hydroponics problems, right?”

He admits that yes his crops are pale green and some leaves are yellow throughout veg phase and that his plants grow way slower than mine and those of the other growers we know.  I remind him about the hydroponics nutrients burn.

“I called General Hydroponics and they said it doesn’t matter if I have tip burn as long as the plants are healthy,” he replies.

“How can they be healthy if the leaves are burning, Hank?

“But, but…they don’t die!” he says, a hint of desperation in his voice.

I realize that I am being cruel to him and I shut up. Then in November last year he called me on the phone:

“Ok that’s it, I am sick and tired. I am ready for a really, really big change.”

I thought he was talking about his life in general, but he was talking about his General Hydroponics three-part hydroponics nutrients. I met him at the hydroponics store and we went in and asked the dude what base nutrients he recommended. He asks Hank what kind of grow op Hank’s running (a smart hydroponics store guy for sure) and then says to him use this two-part or three-part hydroponics nutrients by Advanced Nutrients. I can tell he is trying to encourage Hank to use the two-part because he wants it to be easier for Hank.

“I use Kool Bloom too,” Hank says, and the store guy explains to him that blooming plants need different things at different times during bloom cycle, not just one bloom booster for the whole time, so Hank understands he will use several specially-designed hydroponics blooming supplements and what that will do for him is more than the one bloom booster he used before.

That was in November last year and I have been over three times. It’s sweet to see the rich green color of his leaves, no burning, and faster growth. Two days ago he just invited me over to see his plants a couple of days before flushing. I was impressed by the leaf color, delicious flowers, and spicy aroma in his grow room. So was he. And he said that for sure the days of fluctuating pH and ppm and slow growth and sketchy yields are long gone.

I didn’t say, “I told you so.” He was happy and there was no reason to spoil that for him. I was happy for him too.

As I was leaving, he hastily went into his closet and came out with his partially used bottles of General Hydroponics three-part Grow, Micro, Bloom and Kool Bloom. “You want these?” he said. Sure, I replied.

I put the stuff in my car and drove away. When I got home, I dumped that General Hydroponics goop down the drain. That was the best place for it, for sure. And I thought about Hank, loyal to General Hydroponics three-part nutrients all those years and how life had gotten a lot better for him real fast, all because he made a change that’ll pay off for him every harvest time and I urge you to consider three-part nutrients that work better in your grow room because change could bring the same good things to your life too.

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