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  Global warming was barely mentioned in the recent presidential election. But from Superstorm Sandy to the drought of 2012, it has become abundantly clear that the days when you could accurately predict the weather are gone. For most of mankind’s growing history, conditions tended to arise on time and…
  Growers know there’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new product that kicks their crop into overdrive. But did you ever wonder what goes into creating the next generation of hydroponic nutrients and lighting? It takes years of research and development to bring a new hydroponic product to market.
  One of the most taxing parts of harvest time is the tedious trimming. Spending hours upon hours hunched over your flowers working a pair of scissors can leave your shoulders, wrists and back aching. Thankfully, there’s Trim Bin, a new product that helps alleviate the awkward postures you end…
  Moving plants from the vegetative stage into flowering is one of the most exciting times for a grower. Once nutrients and light schedules have been adjusted for flower production rather than leaf and stem growth, the beauty of these plants can fully develop.
  Greg Richter is an aviation and hydroponics engineer who created the PurGro Grobot Evolution.
  In this installment of Industry Gab, we catch up with Jon Finlay, a partner at Hydroponic Shops of America.
  Here’s a list of gifts that are perfect for the special people in your life with whom you want to share the wonders of hydroponics.
  All right, so you’re a grower who has successfully gotten your operation off the ground, and your stalks – and profits – are shooting ever skyward. Congratulations. Now what are you going to do with all that cash lying around? To get the most out of your money, you should…
  Q: I’ve heard lots of different schools of thought on pruning my production plants for bigger yields under lights. I like to just let my plants go during veg because I have other work elsewhere. In bloom I can spend more time in the garden. So how much should…
  After all the hours of care and investment in resources that go into making your plants the flourishing lovelies they are, you can be forgiven for having more than a little anxiety about putting them in the hands of strangers at harvest time.

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