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  Having highly reflective surfaces in the grow room contributes to bigger yields and more even growth patterns in your crop. For decades, growers have used reflective films and sheeting to meet these important objectives, but they have often missed one important consideration: infrared protection. With IR detecting drones soon…
  Occasionally we’ll see pictures posted by a proud pet owner and grower showcasing their favorite living things together in the grow room. Like most growers, we love our pets. Unfortunately, allowing man’s best friend inside your grow op isn’t such a hot idea for the health and safety of…
  Being a hydroponic grower means more than mastering the art of horticulture. It almost always means knowing your way around a toolbox to construct the ideal environment for your crop. Here are some tools every grower should have handy.
  Ultraviolet light, or the invisible purplish part of the light spectrum that sparked the invention of sunscreen, is making its way back into the indoor garden. I say “back” because some of the old school growers out there remember the days when flowering rooms were lit by uncovered metal…
  Industry Gab is where we sit down with a hydroponics expert on the frontlines of the grow industry. We get their thoughts on what’s coming down the pike, and talk to them about innovations in their own grow operation or other grow-related business. Check it out, growers. This is…
  Imagine never having to pay for another drop of water again, while keeping your drain-to-waste indoor soil or soilless garden growing lush and healthy. What if that water was even more pure than what comes from your reverse-osmosis filtration system, without creating three to four times the wastewater typical…
  Ever want to know what exactly is happening when you test the pH levels in your hydroponic garden? It’s not as complicated as you might think. This new column will seek to explain the science that happens inside your grow room. Ready for a master class?
  They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. There’s also more than one way to dry a crop. Here is some food for thought when debating how to handle your prized harvest:
  Like every other step in the growing process, harvesting is all about precision. Follow these tips to get the most from your finished crop.
  Being an educated and informed gardener today is harder than ever. There are so many things to keep track of: hormones, vitamins, enzymes, biologicals (bacteria), humic acids, carbohydrates and more. With ever-expanding plant technology and entrepreneurship, it doesn’t take your average plant enthusiast long to become overwhelmed when trying…

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