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  One of the best ways an indoor grower can maximize a garden’s efficiency is to set up a perpetual garden. In order to do so, a gardener must have a dedicated area for each stage of growth: cloning, vegetative, and flowering.
  Ripening is the crucial time right before harvesting, when the blooms of high-value plants will noticeably fill in, pack on extra density, and produce a significant amount of essential oils. This final burst of essential-oil production can make the difference between good quality and great quality.
We all want a better crop. We look to improve yield and quality, but did you know that there’s a safe, organic way to increase essential oil production in your plants? That’s what the scientists at Terpinator have in mind.
In every issue of Rosebud Magazine, we catch up with an expert on the frontlines of the hydroponics industry. It’s a chance for our readers to take a look behind the scenes and learn a little bit more about what makes our grower community continue to thrive. This time around,…
There was once a guy, who I’ll call Joel, who had lost his grow. We met in a storage unit yard where he put his equipment after this dream of growing became a nightmare. He unlocked the padlock and slid up the door to unveil a treasure trove of hydroponic…
Advanced Nutrients has always been a step ahead of the game, delivering top shelf nutrients to growers of high-value plants and keeping the hydroponics community buzzing with excitement.
It is every grower’s worst nightmare - having to unexpectedly move your grow op, especially in the middle of a crop cycle. But fussy landlords, angry girlfriends, nosey neighbors, and other emergencies can mean that from time to time, you just have to get up and go.
It’s a fact: Most growers are male. And while we love ladies who can bring a crop from start to finish, there’s one task where the females already dominate — that’s trimming. Rosebud wants you to meet three great young women who know how to care for your crop.
Growers know the benefits that added CO2 will bring to your indoor hydroponic garden. Tanks are inefficient and CO2 burners can be difficult to set up. For growers who want an easy solution for adding CO2, we recommend the Enhancer from TNB Naturals. This all-organic CO2 generator can add up…
At the end of each garden cycle, and sometimes throughout, growers of high-value plants must clean their hydroponic systems in order to avoid potential problems. For most growers this includes the use of a cleaning or sanitizing agent. Unfortunately, there is little information regarding which products are most suited to…

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